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Andrea Collins guests on House of Tortured Souls LIVE!

House of Tortured Souls LIVE

House of Tortured Souls LIVE

House of Tortured Souls LIVE is back with your hosts John and Dixie. This is the second episode of their live on YouTube podcast and this week they welcome scream queen and aspiring actress and model Andrea Collins. You might better know her as Andie Noir, shes starring in the upcoming reality-based horror film Krokodil Chronicles. Besides that she has a lengthy list of horror credits both in the can and filming. So prepare to get your groove on and your boogie down! If you haven't heard about Krokodil Chronicles it is based on the real life Russian street drug that literally eats its users alive. The slightly less than dynamic duo also talk about Andrea's role in an upcoming Bryan Coyne (Infernal) film that she can't name just yet. She also talks about starring with horror icon John Dugan (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) in the upcoming Belly Timbers. So buck up mateys and climb aboard as House of Tortured Souls LIVE welcomes Andrea Collins aka Andie Noir, the shows runs a little over an hour, and it's almost all Andie, all killer, no filler.

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