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Down (Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

Down (Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

Down is the fifth episode in the Into the Dark series on Hulu, which was produced by Jason Blum and this episode was directed by Daniel Stamm and written by Kent Kubena. The film stars Natalie Martinez (Death Race, CSI:NY), Matt Lauria (Friday Night Lights), Arnie Pantoja (Resident Evil: Vendetta), Diane Sellers, and Christina Leone.

Down follows two office employees Jennifer (Natalie Martinez) and Guy (Matt Lauria) who finish up work on a Friday night only for both to enter the elevator which quickly becomes a Valentine’s Day from hell.

As you may have guessed it, the elevator becomes stuck which leads both incredibly good looking ‘single’ strangers to do nothing but get to know one another and chemistry builds up. Within the next few hours, the innocent flirting and conversing turns into a violent downward spiral and the ultimate survival game. You can quickly sense the obsession that Guy has for Jennifer and know that he planned the scheme early on… SPOILER ALERT: he ends up not being who he says he is. It’s a classic stalker type of thriller with the perfect combination of gore with a fierce strong woman in a lead role.

I highly suggest you watch this with whoever you feel like being trapped with on Valentine’s Day. It is has the perfect thriller/horror combo and will make you paranoid on how well you really know your coworkers and who you are on an elevator with. 

Check out the trailer below ⬇️⬇️

Overall Grade: B+

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House Of 1,000 Corpses (Broadway Musical)— House Of Tortured Souls

House Of 1,000 Corpses (Broadway Musical)— House Of Tortured Souls

Rob Zombie was seen on Larry King’s interview series LARRY KING NOW (Hulu) discussing how he would like to turn his first film House Of 1000 Corpses into a Broadway musical. One specific question King asked Zombie was “What do you really want to go in life that you have not had the chance to?” To which Zombie responded: 

       As crazy as it sounds, I feel that my first film House Of 1000 Corpses- which is kinda campy in a weird way, which is why at the time I wasn’t that thrilled with it- I think would make a great Broadway musical. Because it’s veru much- when you go to Broadway now it’s like Spider-Man, it’s The Addams Family, it’s Spamalot, you know? So that movie would translate well, I think because it’s just ridiculous.”

For those who may not be familiar with this movie (which I suggest you watch ASAP), House Of 1000 Corpses is a story of a twisted family that two couples stumble upon when their empty fuel tank and a flat tire happens and lead them down the road. This film was written and directed by Zombie and stars his wife Sherri Moon Zombie, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Karen Black, Rainn Wilson, Walton Goggins, and Tom Towles

Now before we start to get excited, let’s just keep in mind that this interview was from 2013. For me personally, all I have to say is YES YES YES! If Evil Dead: The Musical got a shot to be made, I don’t see why Rob Zombie’s film can’t have a chance for a Broadway debut, especially with the horror scene coming to arise. But with that just being in the talks, us fans will just have to wait for Zombie’s third Firefly film Three From Hell coming out this year. 

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Creepshow Production Started—House Of Tortured Souls

Creepshow Production Started—House Of Tortured Souls

Shudder has announced that production has begun the reboot of Creepshow. The six-episode season will be produced by The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero and the horror series is based off the iconic 1982 film which was written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero

The six-episode season will feature an unannounced Stephen King story and for right now they are saying it’s like a “survivor type” of story. 

Nicotero will direct some of this series and the other installments will be done by David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab, and John Harrison. Bruckner is the director of The Ritual along with Bloody Disgusting segments in V/H/S and SouthboundBenjamin has directed such segments in Bloody Disgusting’s Southbound and XX. Schrab’s directing credits goings to Ghosted and Community, and Harrison who was actually the first assistant director for George Romero on the original Creepshow movie will be directing a story that he co-wrote with Nicotero. Harrison also composed Creepshows film’s theme. 

Additional stories and directors as well as the casting will be announced later this year. Creepshow will premiere on Shudder later on in the year—no specific date as of now. 

Normally for me personally, I tend to like when they leave the classics alone however with Nicotero producing this I am curious to see the route they will go and what amount of gore they will endure. I am curious to see all the effects and Nicoyero’s Oscar and Emmy award-winning company will be handling all of the creature and make-up effects. Definitely will be opened minded and give it a chance when this becomes available on Shudder. 


Nightmare Before Christmas (Possible Remake)—House Of Tortured Souls

Nightmare Before Christmas (Possible Remake)—House Of Tortured Souls

In 1993, the Tim Burton produced The Nightmare Before Christmas opened just before Halloween and ran through the first week of December.  While it performed well, it wasn’t a complete success. 

With that being said, a well accurate source Moviehole just announced reports saying that there could be a possible Nightmare Before Christmas sequel but more live-action. 

Directed by Henry Selick, this will feature the voice of Chris Sarandon (Jack Skellington), the Halloween Town king who discovers Christmas and brings it to his town which causes major confusion. Nightmare had become such a pop culture phenomenon so hopefully the sequel will live up to the 1993 original movie. 

I am not against a remake for Nightmare Before Christmas, with how Disney live action movies such as Lion King, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin have resurfaced, I feel that true fans will relive the classic with a live-action packed film. CGI has come a long way, and while the original will always win our hearts, I think it’s safe to say that a remake would have happened eventually so why not now while live-action films are on the trend. Looking forward to seeing an updates on when this will occur. 




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Days Of The Dead (Con Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

Days Of The Dead (Con Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

Over the past weekend I had the privilege to volunteer at the Days Of The Dead convention in Atlanta, Georgia and as always, it was a blast. Days Of The Dead is one of my favorite conventions to attend and having volunteer for them before I couldn’t pass it up again. The convention had headliners such as Clive Barker, Hellraiser Cast (Barbie Wilde, Doug Bradley, Simon Bamford, Ashley Laurence,  and Nicholas Vince), David Howard Thornton (Terrifier), Tony ToddSid Haig, Bill Mosley, PJ Soles, and Kathy Najimy.  

With all conventions there are positives and negatives with some added pointers for the next con, but in this case I must say it ran very smoothly all weekend. Each celebrity and vendor room were very organized and easy to navigate and spread out. The back hallway had all the panel rooms, photo ops and film room which had a poster on the wall with each event and times per day, very easy to keep up with so you didn’t miss out on what you wanted to catch. I helped out with the photo op lines, and we all know with Saturday’s being the busiest of convention weekends, this went pretty smoothly, the lines were easy to manage and able to line up early enough so con goers could get in and out to continue on with their weekend. Between con goers and guests, there was nothing but positive feedback all around which makes Days so successful. 

A Highlight for me personally this weekend would be seeing a lot of my con family, making new friends, meeting David Howard Thornton he’s such a great guy and has such a great personality, the VIP party, helping out with the line control, and catching some panels. I also just love the overall atmosphere and seeing everyone just enjoying theirselves with one shared interest… horror. 

This was a great convention kickstart to 2019 and I can’t wait to see not only what Days has in store but for other conventions as well. 

Overall Grade: A

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Nightshade (Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

Nightshade (Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

There have been a few names popping up a lot on social media lately and Charles Chudabala is one of them. Charles wrote, produced, and directed his short film Nightshade, a film in which was based off a reoccurring nightmare since he was 5 years old. He drew influences from Marilyn Manson (Dope Hat Era), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Dario Argento’s Suspiria

The short follows a little girl who confronts her fears in which she encounters visitors from another land materialized in the shadow of the night. Our stars of this amazing short are Jenn Nangle (That Night, Malvolia: Queen Of Screams), Leah Schaefer (Absurd TV), Lexi Marlene (Cold Blooded), and Marle Schaefer (Absurd TV). 

Nightshade is Charles Chudabala’s directorial debut and will be launched for all to see on January 29, 2019. You can check it on Nightshade’s official Facebook page as well as YouTube.

Let’s not forget the rest of the crew:

Director of photography: Paul Stephen Edwards (Ugly Sweater Party, Malvolia: The Queen of Screams),
Costume design: Ama Lea (ABCs of Death).
Assistant Director & Editor: Hunter Johnson (Ugly Sweater Party, 2 Jennifer)
Scored by: Richard Trejo (Mavlolia: The Queen of Screams).
Makeup by: Nikki Vizcaino (Lilith), and props by Christopher Hicks (Zero)

In the press release that I have received, said that Charles is the ‘Rising’ King In Horror, and That doesn’t begin to describe him. Charles is brilliant and did an amazing job bringing his reoccurring nightmare to life with capturing a child’s fear, and the credit for portraying it well goes to Leah Schaefer.

For being so young, Leah brought her character to life, showing how kids react to fear on a real life basis. The rest of the cast did a fantastic job in their roles which helped Leah’s character a lot making it so believable and surreal. This short left me wanting for more and I cannot wait to see what else Charles has up his sleeve for any upcoming projects.

That Night (2019 Movie Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

That Night (2019 Movie Review)—House Of Tortured Souls

I have been looking forward on reviewing anything Jenn Nangle has been working on lately and this specific short film That Night that I had the privilege to view early did not disappoint. After watching twice it left me with my jaw dropped open, you can tell every ounce of her being was dedicated to this short.

The cast was amazing, everything about their characters were believable considering the circumstances on what was going on in the film. Jenn Nangle, Garrett Lee, Amanda Cano, and Raymond Williams make up the cast in this short, with a small appearance from Charles Chudabala

Jenn Nangle and Garrett Lee are our main couple and stars of this short film, their chemistry together was very believable and you can tell right off the bat that something was not right in their relationship, like any couples in life experience which is what made it so relatable. They played off each well and it was very balanced. The couple heads over to a friends and you can tell there were some tension in how the night was winding down.

Amanda Cano and Raymond Williams are outstanding as the deranged couple and their whole performance was just brilliant. This short stuck with me and had me in awe with the plot and the amazing cast.

 Jenn is incredible, amazing and a woman full of many talents and I am personally looking forward to what else she has up her sleeve not only for this year but in many more to come. 

Check the trailer out below and make sure to catch the short film on January 31st, you truly do not want to miss it. ⬇️⬇️

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You (Netflix Series Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

You (Netflix Series Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

I have been hearing and seeing the craze of the series You on Netflix and knew I had to check it out. I binged watched all 10 episodes in a day, it was that insanely good and oddly fascinating considering the circumstances on what it is about. You is a psychological thriller series that was developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. It is based on the book of the same name, written by Caroline Kepnes. You follows a bookstore manager in New York who falls obsessively in love with one of his customers and will do whatever it takes to be in her life, even if it means killing whoever gets in his way of her. This series stars Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl, The Stepfather, Easy A), Elizabeth Lail (Once Upon A Time), John Stamos ( Full House, ER), Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars, The Possesion Of Hannah Grace), Daniel Cosgrove (Beverly Hills, 90210, Van Wilder), and Hari Nef (Transparent, Crush). 

You takes you through the mind of Joe (Penn Badgley) a bookstore store manager in New York City who takes a liking to one of his customers, an attractive woman who happens to be an aspiring writer called Beck (Elizabeth Lail). With the interaction between the two, you get the vibe right away that Joe has to have her in his life. With what Joe does to get Beck’s attention, it keeps you on your toes and it is quite a terrifying ride.

Each episode takes you on a crazy whirlwind of a crazy adventure in coming in contact with people who are close to Beck. Rather it be family, friends, or even her career it was obvious that Joe’s obsession and jealousy went way too far. 

There has been a lot of buzz lately that this show is glorifying stalking. Personally I did not see in any episode where it shows that stalking is okay, I saw where an over zealous man became obsessed with his ‘dream girl’ and instead of doing what any normal human would do like ask the girl out, he took it into a whole new dimension. The character Joe, went into a whole different dimension to get his dream girl, yet instead he hit so many bumps along the way and when something did not go his way or work out it turned deadly. I was instantly hooked, the plot stayed on track, it was very suspenseful and you just didn’t know the outcome right away. 

Check out the trailer below and I highly recommend giving it a shot, I don’t think you’ll regret it!


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That Night (Trailer Release)— House Of Tortured Souls

That Night (Trailer Release)— House Of Tortured Souls


Los Angeles, CA, January 2019: Here is a first look at “That Night” – a horror short film releasing on January 31, 2019 (Just in time for Women in Horror Month). This story features two couples that meet for the first time and as the night progresses, one set becomes the prey and the other, the predator.

Based on True Events, the film stars: Jennifer Nangle, Amanda Cano, Garrett Lee, and Raymond Vinsik Williams. Featuring performances from Charles Chudabala, Jeffery Potts, Carson Lambing, and Nikki Vizcaino.

The film was directed and edited by Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson. Written by Jennifer Nangle and Garrett Lee with story by Jennifer Nangle. The film score was composed by Rocky Gray and Special Effects were done by Chronix EFX. The film was shot by Jason Peguero.

Produced by:Jennifer Nangle.            

Executive Produced by: RobertOldhcdudeCortez, Ryan T. Cusick, Joseph R. Davis, Brian Gerson, Linda Loera, and Patricia J. Dangle

Associated Produced by: Alex T. Hwang, RodShorteVizcaina, and Nikki Vizcaino.

“That Night” is a ProCo Production Company, Queen Scream, and Chronix EFX Production

Check out the trailer here ⬇️⬇️

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The Night Comes For Us (Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

The Night Comes For Us (Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

If you are into a very gory, action-packed thriller, then you MUST check out The Night Comes For Us on Netflix. The Night Comes For Us is an Indonesian film that was written and directed by Timo Tjahjanto. The film stars Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim (Fast & Furious 6), Julie Estelle (The Raid 2), Sunny Pang, Zack Lee (Bad Wolves, Headshot) and Shareefa Daanish.

The film focuses on Ito (Joe Taslim) who is known as one out of the six elites for the South East Asian Triad which is also called the Six Seas. Ito decides to turn his back as a killer upon rescuing a young girl named Reina (Asha Kenyeri Bermudez) who saw the massacre of her family happen in her village. He then hides Reina at his ex girlfriend Shinta’s (Salvita Decorte) place. Shinta takes care of Ito’s injuries from which he endured from killing his fellow soldiers. Knowing that there is nothing more for her to do, Shinta calls in a man named Faith (Abimana Aryasatya) who use to be in a gang with Ito. Faith takes Ito and Reina back to his apartment, and also calls in his cousin Wisnu and the last member of the gang Bobby (Zack Lee), who is a drug addict. Bobby tries to help them by getting them passports so they can restart all over. When you think there is hope, it turns in to one whirlwind after another when word gets through from other Tirads and those Ito has turned his back on, to an ultimate man hunt, all for the girl, and betrayal.

This movie was cringe-worthy at its finest jammed pack full of gore, martial arts and epic fight scenes. Things that you were not aware that could be used as weapons were. And as much as I felt my eyes squint and my body squirm, I could not look away as I anticipated more that was yet to come. For me personally, I’m not into a lot of action/martial arts movies but this was a whole different genre. It was a constant whirlwind of blood, guts, and sacrifice. Sacrifice from old members helping Ito out, particularly because in the end, there really is no way out of a gang. You may think you are safe, but anything can happen in a blink of an eye. I absolutely loved the thrill and rush of it all.

Check out the trailer below, and I highly, highly recommend that once you check the trailer out, that you will not make plans on a Friday night and enjoy the gore for yourself!


Overall Grade: A

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New Year, New You Review-House Of Tortured Souls

New Year, New You Review-House Of Tortured Souls

With saying goodbye to 2018 and restarting fresh in 2019 with a brand new attitude and the cliched “New Year, New Me” comes New Year, New You the latest installment to the Into the Dark series on Hulu. Into the Dark is a horror anthology series produced by Jason Blum in  which each episode focuses about a holiday and is released each month. 

The fourth episode in this installment, New Year, New You was directed by Sophia Takal. It focuses on four girls that were friends in high school who reunite in an extravagant home on New Years that result in confessions and reliving trauma. The collective cast stars Suki Waterhouse (The Divergent Series:Insurgent, The Bad Batch), Carly Chaikin (The Last Song, Mr. Robot), Kirby HowellBaptiste (Killing Eve, A Dog’s Purpose), Melissa Bergland (Winners & Losers), and Isabella Acres (Better Off Ted).

The film starts off showing flashbacks to someone falling out of a window in Alexis’ (Suki Waterhouse) home. It then pans to Alexis who now has a very noticeable scar on her face and windows that are more secure. You think you may have made a connection on what could have happened, but you will be surprised my horror friends. 

Now we skip to Kayla ( Kirby HowellBaptiste) and Chloë (Melissa Bergland) who are driving in Kayla’s unreliable car through a downpour on their way to join Alexis. We have seen it all in many horror flicks and you are probably guessing that the car breaks down and they have to walk to the house in the downpour, you are correct. Alexis greets the girls at the door where they set up balloons and talk about their normal boring lives while anticipating in Danielle’s (Carly Chaikin) arrival. The girls had doubt at first, Danielle is very popular and has quite the viewers on her channel about self-improvement and even has the fake cutesy attitude. 

With how famous Danielle is, she arrives pretty late to the party. Upon her arriving you can already sense the tension between her and Alexis. Chloë and Kayla seem to be in awe of Danielle and they all have different personalities which seemed to play off each other in a realistic way when just like how you have a friendship with a good friend. With not reuniting in a while, it seems like their friendship picked up right where in ended. 

The party gets going as the girls settle down and start to play the game ‘Never Have I Ever.’ During that time is when Alexis loses it to which the girls end up targeting Danielle and tying her to a chair. There is clearly unfinished business between Alexis and Danielle. To which Waterhouse and Chaikin steal the rest of the movie. Their chemistry is very believable and you can see the passion that they have to make a ‘mean girls’ vibe. 

The rest of the movie focuses on all sorts of betrayal and heated secrets from the past. It’s a thriller to where you think it’s predictable on how far each girl will go to dismiss the happenings of their pass including blame games to what happened to a girl they knew named Kelsey. It had the perfect amount of betrayal and suspense that will leading you guessing who fell out of the window as you see it happening in the beginning of the film.

Check out the trailer below and if you are into psychological thrillers then check this out on Hulu, you won’t regret it. ⬇️⬇️

Overall Grade: B+


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We Summoned A Demon (Short Film)-House Of Tortured Souls

We Summoned A Demon (Short Film)-House Of Tortured Souls

Chris McInroy directed another hilarious and very gory short film We Summoned A Demon. This is actually the third installment to 2 to other shorts Death Metal and Bad Guy #2.

We Summoned A Demon shows two friends who had no idea what they were doing and ended up summoning demons. This included a perfect blend of gore and comedy. 

Having the pleasure of messaging Chris McInroy, he stated that it took 2 days to film in a warehouse in Austin, Texas. Chris is also into making practical effects driven from horror-comedies while being heavily influenced by 80s movies. Getting to experience with monster creations will be what wil inspire him to create his first feature to make a werewolf movie.

Chris also lives for the audience’s reactions, bringing happiness to them with gore and comedy in which he gets satisfaction from when viewing his movies. 

I highly recommend checking this out and hope to see more of Chris McInroy’s movies soon. ⬇️⬇️

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Bird Box Movie Review (SPOILERS) House Of Tortured Souls

Bird Box Movie Review (SPOILERS) House Of Tortured Souls

With all the hype I have been hearing about Bird Box on Netflix, I decided to give it a shot to see for myself on what this was all about. 

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller which was based off the book of the same name and directed by Susanne Bier. The film had quite the cast. Starring Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, A Time To Kill, Speed), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story, Jack & Jill), BD Wong (Law &Order:SVU, Jurassic Park), Danielle

Macdonald (Dumplin’, Patti Cake$), John Malkovich (The Killing Field, Of Mice and Men), Colson Baker (known as Machine Gun Kelly), Trevante Rhodes(The Predator), and Tom Hollander (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Soloist).

The film starts off with a very nervous and panicked mother of two children, a boy and girl, who is stressing to them to not remove their blindfolds no matter what while endearing on a dangerous trip in a boat. If the blindfolds are removed, they will die. 

Let’s jump to five years earlier with a very pregnant Malorie (Sandra Bullock) who is on her way to a routine check up with her older sister Jess (Sarah Paulson). On the way to the doctors, the sisters had a discussion on mass suicides happening throughout Europe, to which Malorie was skeptical on. As they were leaving the doctors, Malorie notices a woman hitting her head on a glass panel and is now starting to realize that the mass suicides are making its way right in front of her eyes. In a hurry, the sisters get into

the car to drive away as far from it as posible. The cellphone rings and causes a distraction in which Jess ends up crashing the car to harm herself, coming to realize that Jess saw something that had frightened her leading her to death by stepping out in front of a truck. Malorie was frozen in fright not knowing how to stop Jess from ending her life. 

Malorie finds herself in the unknown madness of the confused crowd when a stranger steps in to bring her into her house for safety. Unfortunately it did not end well for Malorie’s rescuer. Malorie is introduced to a few strangers Charlie (Lil Rel Howery), Tom (Trevante Rhodes), Douglas, and Lucy(Rosa Salazar). Knowing that they will need supplies to survive they venture out with blindfolds to avoid coming into contact with whatever is causing the mass suicides. There ends up being controversy when back at the house to which they boarded up everything to not let the demons in. Olympia (Danielle Macdonald) world is also pregnant, ends up letting a complete stranger into the house. Both herself and Malorie end up going into labor at the same time, when both have the babies the strange man decides to expose the demons into the house which you can guess that the results were not in their favor. This leads Malorie in charge of both kids, whom she called Boy(Julian Edwards) and Girl (Vivien Lyra Blair) as to not get attached incase something goes wrong. In the end of all panic and an end to the world, Malorie leads them out on a boat to find better shelter somewhere safe.

Personally I did not understand what all the hype was about for this movie. It had a decent concept and an amazing cast, but to me it was a cross of A Quiet Place meets The Happening. The effects and fear instilled in the actors made it very convincing that the world was coming to an end by demons causing mass suicides. For me it seemed to lack some creativity as I felt like it crossed between many common end of the world movies, and I do enjoy a good psychological, end of the world thriller. 

Overall Grade: C

Here is the trailer for Bird Box. If this is for you, check it out on Netflix. ⬇️⬇️

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Lilith Movie Review-House Of Tortured Souls

Lilith Movie Review-House Of Tortured Souls

Lilith- The independent horror film directed by Alex T. Hwang, is one of the most anticipated anthologies of all time that will leave you wanting to view it over and over again. The performances in this film are beyond chilling and have some recognizable faces with stars such as: Felissa Rose (Krampus: The devil returns 2016, Sleepaway Camp 1983), Jenn Nangle (Malvolia Queen of screams 2017-2018, Slit 2017), Charles Chudabala (Ugly Sweater Party 2018 Irrational Fear 2017), Michael Wainwright (Altar 2016, Lamb Feed 2016Thomas Haley (Fear the walking dead 2015,Thirteen 2013)  Devanny Pinn (House of Manson 2014,The Black Dahlia Haunting 2012) Vernon Wells (Mad Max 1981, Weird Science 1985), and Brialynn Massie (Serena Waits 2018, Rvth: Genesis 2018) 

Let’s start with a brief history lesson for those who may not be familiar with Lilith. Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, and often seen as the demon of the night. A very dangerous demon if I may add, one that’s sexually lawless. 

There is not just one Lilith in this film, the women are all Lilith. For they punish men against the indiscretions against women. The beginning briefly starts off with Felissa Rose’s Lilith. During the whole movie it cuts back and forth to segments with Felissa’s Lilith along with Detective Carson (Thomas Haley) and Father Murphy(Michael Wainwright). Father Murphy seems to not have as much faith in ridding Lilith where Detective Carson is on his last straw of doing everything in his power to go after and rid Lilith after losing his daughter Brooke (Brialynn Massie) to her. 

The first part of the movie shows Detective Carson’s teenage daughter Brooke (Massie) going through a secret affair with her teacher. Everything was going smooth until she found out she was pregnant. With Brooke in a panic like any teenager would be, she goes right to her teacher with the news. He loses his composure on a fragile teenager to where she leaves uncontrollably sobbing and ends up taking her own life. Her friends including one who had a huge crush on her, decide to take matters into their own hands by trying to blackmail the teacher with the pregnancy test. Their plan was cut short with Lilith making her appearance and ending them in a no mercy killing spree, all equally bloody, with Massie’s performance exquisite and chilling in how she was portraying a teenager scorned. 

The second part brings us to the amazing Jenn Nangle portraying Lilith. It cuts to her being a caretaker to a gentleman named Phillip (Vernon Wells). This part of the segment was not just to watch Jenn’s character take care of and make Phillip lunch, it was the revenge aspect of her coming by to drag him to hell and he very well knew it. He knew all too well as to why she was there, she even beared a resemblance to his late wife. The chemistry between Jenn and Vernon play off of each other well and like always, Jenn brings the humor and charm to this segment before it turning into a well deserved bloodbath. 

And now my friends is on to part three. You get introduced to Darren and Madison (Emily Coupe). They are both seemingly going through a bit of a tough time especially with Darren being s sex addict, so Madison decides to leave. It doesn’t take long for Darren to rebound quickly, and here arrives Lilith. No time was wasted into engaging into sexual activities and with Lilith and the demon tying up Darren and we all eventually know how this is going to end for him. 

Part four, ends with the serial killer. A man named Frank stops to help a young woman who’s car broke down on the side of the road. With her trusting the man, he ends up pushing her into his car and taking her back to the bathroom at his house. You can clearly tell that this is not his first rodeo in luring victims back to where he wants them. We end up finding out, that like most serial killers, they end up having a kind of obsession, fetish you if will. In Frank’s case, it ends up being a shoe fetish… yes, feet! In the midst of carrying on with his murder, the doorbell rings (buzz kill). We see Lilith (Devanny Pinn) who apparently went for a drive after a supposed fight with the boyfriend unleash her wrath after Frank tries to use her being vulnerable as the perfect opportunity to offer her a simple cup of coffee with a drug in it. Devanny’s performance is outstanding. 

With my breakdown of this movie in four parts, I really don’t want to spoil the whole of how it ends. I took this movie in a whole different light and Alex T. Hwang along with the writers and the actors did a superb job portraying Lilith. This is one horror film you do not want to miss out on, so keep an eye out my fellow horror fans to catch it on Amazon, Itunes and googleplay on December 25th! 



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The Crossing Review- House Of Tortured Souls

The Crossing Review- House Of Tortured Souls

I had the privilege to have been asked to review Thomas Haley’s short film The Crossing and it was the best 15 minutes of viewing pleasure that I have experienced leaving me wanting more of it. 

The Crossing which stars Felissa Rose, Brooklyn Haley, and Charles Chudabala—brings you to the urban legend of a bride who willingly sacrificed herself by the train tracks after a tragic car crash that left her new husband dead. Now anytime any couples cross the tracks, she preys on them because who wants to see another couple strive in happiness?

Thomas Haley saw potential in using a woman’s suffering of a loss in turns to get her revenge of other people’s happiness, not caring that it will not bring her husband back. As a viewer, it caught my attention of seeing a woman scorned from a chance of pure happiness, because let’s be honest, who hasn’t felt that sense of pure jealousy seeing those around you have what you don’t have. Especially with it being taken away so fast in a blink of an eye.  

This short film dragged me into wanting more. It had the proper amount of not just gore but you felt for her every step of the way. You can clearly tell Thomas Haley and the cast had put every ounce of dedication into this short film and I can’t wait for everyone to have the chance to view it as well. 

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Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 – House of Tortured Souls

Malvolia’s Memorable Thanksgiving 2 – House of Tortured Souls

Jenn Nangle (Malvolia herself) is back in a 10 minute Thanksgiving segment which will leave viewers wanting more to bite into. 

This episode starts off with Malvolia’s car stalling in front of her victim… neighbor’s (James) home. Her flirtatious charm and subtle humor and chemistry with James is what really made this as a whole. With James being a gentleman (well so he thought) by offering her to stay and to use the phone, he did not realize that he was going to be her next appetizing treat. 

Both Jenn and James delivered incredibly and with their steamy connection, it makes us viewers feel like we are right with them in that moment she sinks her teeth right into him.

It is clear to me as an avid horror fan that Jenn and her team work hard to appease their fans with each video they put out and I look forward to many more episodes to come especially the holiday segments. It’s the proper amount of gore and humor with a twist.

 Before you all decide to go feast with your family and friends for Thanksgiving, may  I suggest that you watch the new episode right here ⬇️⬇️


Cam (2018) Movie Review [SPOILERS]- House Of Tortured Souls

Cam (2018) Movie Review [SPOILERS]- House Of Tortured Souls

Over the weekend while I was browsing Netflix, I came across the movie Cam and decided to check it out. Cam was written by a former cam girl Isa Mazzei and directed by Daniel Goldhaber. The film explores the online camming world and what women endure while trying to make a living and keeping their personal lives private from their online life.  

The film follows Alice (Madeline Brewer- The Handsmaid Tale, Orange Is The New Black) an ambitious young girl who performs under the name Lola on the website FreeGirls.Live. Alice will do whatever it takes to stay in the Top 50. She performs different themed shows (like the seven deadly sins) and even pushes the envelope with risky stunts, like slitting her own throat in order to obtain excitement from her viewers who tip tokens. One particular favorite viewer is Barney (Michael Bempsey).

Like in any industry, there will be competition and jealousy. In this case, a top performer known as Princess (Samantha Robinson) will do what it takes to knock Lola out of the top 50. With Lola being the ambitious young woman that she is, she does everything in her power to keep entertaining to strive to stay in the top. She takes it an extra notch sacfricing everything she has to make sure the rest of the night goes smoothly until the next day when she goes to login she is locked out of her account. 

Being locked out of any account which has access to your information can be quite frightening. For poor Lola (Alice) she is living that nightmare with a lookalike version of her still running her account. Calling customer support is not only frustrating for Lola, but for the viewers as well who can relate in a time of needing help with your personal information seems to be hacked. 

Lola not only is battling trying to get her account back in order to work to supply her living and keep her fans, she is battling herself and keeping her online life separate from reality and away from the ones she loves. Coming to terms that her doppelgänger is an actual glitch, she does everything in her power to overthrow her and trick her to getting her account back, even taking it to an extreme by damaging her face to prove what is real. You would think Lola would have learned her lesson on how dangerous the webcam world can be even with having her account and identity stolen but it cuts down to her making a whole new account and new name so she can be top dog again.

The online world can be an exciting and scary environment. It allows you to feel like you are escaping your reality but it goes to show that you can’t be someone else without it catching up to you. The way this movie was directed and written will hold your attention from start to finish. Madeline Brewer’s performance was convincing and passionate and you feel for her    cause “losing” yourself/identity into a cyber abyss happens more frequently than we would like to imagine. Some may think webcamming is for an escape and for fun, but for some they see it as a way of living.

Overall Grade: A


Spooky Empire Convention Orlando, Florida- House Of Tortured Souls

Spooky Empire Convention Orlando, Florida- House Of Tortured Souls

Over Halloween weekend I had the priveledge to travel to my first Spooky Empire convention in Orlando, FL and after my experience, it will be my last. Normally I do my best to let small quirks of a convention be swept under the rug since all conventions can’t be perfect, but this time I feel like it could of been handled better. 

Lets start with day 1. To park, it was over a man built ramp and parking directly at a lake, I wish I was exaggerating. To get into the building, I personally ordered my tickets back in July, and to have to wait in a will call line for 2 hours (some convention goers waited longer than that) to get my wristband only to walk back out of the doors to wait in another line to get in, was pure ridiculous in my opinion. The convention had a start time of 12 for VIP attendees and 1pm for general admission. In the main room it had every vendor and every guest, to which you can cover the vendors in an hour and unfortunately could not meet any of the guests until 5pm (which on a Friday is exceptional since most start at 5pm).

While walking in the building, there was already a line full of attendees waiting on the exclusive Elvira funko pop which was a disaster in itself (as told in Crypt Keeper Clint’s article). The funko line ran into Cassandra Peterson’s (Elvira’s) photo op line which resulted in an over crowded hallway making it unsafe and unbearable to get through. My first night I spent almost 4 hours waiting on a photo op which usually runs smooth and takes about 5-10 mins per person. The staff members were no where to be seen and the ones we could find did not seem to know much on what was happening. Communication was not on point all weekend long. 

Now comes Day 2. Parking was still the same situation, parking long distances and being carted by a golf cart only to have to wait in a very long line to get into the building. The only thing that they did correctly, was allow the ones who had a photo op and signing at 11 (which is when it opened for general admission) for The X Files cast go to the front of the line. Having autograph tickets and photo ops for Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny sell prior to the show was very smart on their behalf, however it was still very crowded in the halls and in the main room with waits still last for hours, which means they over sold it. The Q&A panels were more organized by having those wanting to attend wait in a taped line and then had us go as soon as each panel cleared out. 

Day 3, the final day, I wish to say that it was finally organized with it coming to an end but it was not. The only thing that finally had order to it was the Elvira funko pop line. They kept it hush hush and limited to how many each person were to have (2 a person) and there were a few volunteers in place to keep the line from getting out of hand, a system which actually went smoothly. Upon leaving early, there was nothing else that could be covered on Sunday.

The highlight of the con for me personally would consist of  The Sleepaway Camp girls photo op and seeing The Soska Twins and their never-ending hugs and passionate outpour of their gratitude to their fans. Usually at conventions I never have a chance to attend many panels, so attending Kathy Najimy’s (Hocus Pocus, Sister Act) and The Sleepaway Camp girls panel really was a highlight for me. It was also amazing to see how the chemistry between the Sleepaway Camp girls were for not seeing each other in 35 years. Katherine Kamhi(Meg) made her first con appearance and hopefully this will not be her last. The guests were great and were very grateful to each of their fans who were local and not local.

I have heard from various Spooky attendees that this is not how every con has been in the years, while that maybe true, this will be a last for me. 

Overall Grade: D-


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Malvolia’s Annual Halloween Party 2018! – House Of Tortured Souls

Malvolia’s Annual Halloween Party 2018! – House Of Tortured Souls

She’s backkkk! The Queen of Screams has returned for what seems to be another Halloween party and everyone is invited. 

Los Angeles, CA October 25, 2018: Malvolia: the Queen of Screams has released footage from her
annual Halloween Party. A fear driven evening that consists of a game, a challenge, and a terrorizing evening.
Four unexpected party goers find themselves “waking up” in the abandoned Kirkbride Asylum only to be greeted
with a death and the Queen herself. After “greeting” and explaining to the guests why they are there, they are
brought onto a journey throughout the Asylum by Malvolia’s trusted bartender/demonic butler, Victor, only to then
face a challenge of sorts. With a cast of characters Malvolia has in her Lair, you are bound to see some familiar
killers throughout the episode.
True horror fans may relate the episode to their favorite cult classics with new victim’s names being “Sydney”, (or
Sidney from Scream), “Nancy” and “Glen” (Nightmare on Elm Street) “Jack” (The Shining), and “Adam” (SAW).
Also, with Malvolia stating that she “wants to play a game” and also asking at the end “What’s your favorite
scary movie?”
Written by the series creator, Jennifer Nangle, directed and edited by one of the series’ producer’s, Richard Trejo,
and shot by Paul Stephen Edwards, this film will see all forms of gore, terror, darkness, and mysticism.
Fun Fact: Nangle grew up down the road from Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, MA (Session 9) which was
designed by Boston architect Nathanial Jeremiah Bradlee who based the layout off the “Kirkbride Plan”. Hence
calling the party location: “Kirkbride Asylum”.
The film was produced by Jennifer Nangle, Charles Chudabala, Hunter Johnson, Richard Trejo, and Paul
Stephen Edwards. Practical SFX was done by Chronix EFX.
Cast: Jennifer Nangle as Malvolia (10/31), Garrett Lee as Victor (It’s Lurking), and Charles Chudabala as Charles
(Crossbreed) lead the cast which also features many of the indie horror scenes rising and veteran talents, including: Brialynn Massie as Bria (Vengeance), Hunter Johnson as Hunter (2Jennifer), Raymond Vinsik Williams as Jack (From Jennifer), Amanda Cano as Nancy (That Night), Danielle Inks as Sydney (Infernal), Cyrus Soliman as Adam (Safe), Adam Schaudenecker as Glen (Lilith), with Thomas Haley as the Movie Exec (The Crossing).

All true horror fans will be enticed by the Saw like vibe with quirky humor and one liners,and did I mention the gore and blood? Oh the BLOOD!!

Being a horror fan, this caught my attention with the creative eye catching similarities to my favorite cult classic films. Jenn was kind enough to let us have a sneak peak and I wasn’t disappointed! Jenn and her amazing team delivered and I can’t wait to see what they will work on next!

Audience Link below ⬇️⬇️:

Link to the trailer:


CON REVIEW: ScareFest, Lexington, KY, 2018

CON REVIEW: ScareFest, Lexington, KY, 2018

Over the weekend, I ventured out on an 8-hour drive to attend ScareFest in Lexington, KY. The celebrity guests included Tobin Bell ( Saw and Jigsaw), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Jonathan Breck (Jeepers Creepers), Shawnee Smith (The Blob (1988)), Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), and many more.

The crowd of fans from all over came in very excited and ready for an amazing weekend. It is great to see fellow horror fans — especially the younger crowd — come together and show support to the celebrities of their favorite films. There were many fans with awesome cosplay from Twisty the Clown (American Horror Story), Pinhead (Hellraiser), various clowns (including Pennywise), and a lot of Michael Meyerses.

Pinhead/Sarah Gregory

The con was hosted at The Lexington Convention Center, which was very spacious. There was one main room which held all the guests and vendors making it very easy to navigate. Staff were very friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable, and if for some reason they didn’t have the right answer to your question, they made sure to find someone who did.

Saw/Sarah Gregory

With any con, there are negatives and positives, and ScareFest was no exception. My only negative comment would be that the website was a little confusing with how to purchase photo op tickets. I felt that it took a bit to search to discover how to obtain them. They had a list of the scheduled times, but I did not see anywhere to make a purchase. The only celebrities on the main page were Tobin Bell and Cassandra Peterson. Again, this is the only thing I saw that could maybe use a tweaking. Other than that, the positive part would be that the rest of my experience was a great time. The panels and movie times were right on schedule, and anything that was canceled was communicated over the loudspeaker.

ScareFest/Sarah Gregory

With the con weekend having to come to an end, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed making new friends and reconnecting with other friends I met from previous cons as well as with getting to meet Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Barbie Wilde (Hellraiser II), and Shawnee Smith (The Stand). ScareFest is one down in my books, and I would gladly attend again.

Overall experience: B+

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