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COMING SOON(?): Beyond the Green Inferno

By Dixielord

Eli Roth and Lorenza Izzo from the Green Inferno

Roth takes us Beyond the Green Inferno.

It looks like Eli Roth will be heading back to the Amazon. His recent love song for the cannibal epic, The Green Inferno has apparently done well enough to reignite a planned sequel. It looks like a plot and script are already in place for Beyond the Green Inferno with the same creative team as the original.

Eli Roth has stated that he is just waiting for the rainy season to stop before returning to the jungle with an “adventurous camera crew”. Roth will hand over the directing reins of the sequel to Nicholas Lopez (Aftershock) who was one of the writers of the original. Roth will still be attached as a writer/producer of Beyond the Green Inferno.

Eli promises this film will be darker than the original and go deeper into the Amazon Jungle. His goal is to explore the universe of The Green Inferno more and has compared the relationship of Beyond the Green Inferno to its predecessor as akin to the relationship between Aliensand The Green Inferno.

Other than that Roth is keeping mum on the plot, and no cast as been announced yet. It's still early in pre production, and The Green Inferno is still in theaters, so a lot could change, and indeed it might not even happen. The sequel was put on hold during the financial problem with The Green Inferno's original distributor Worldview Entertainment, but seems to be alive again. But Eli Roth is riding high right now and he's a man who has a history of getting it done. He has managed to bring bloody, R-rated horror back into the theater again and again, and I'm willing to bet we will be seeing Beyond the Green Inferno in a couple years.

I wont lie or sugar coat it, I wasn't a huge fan of The Green Inferno. As I stated in my review maybe my exceptions were too high, or maybe I'm a bit jaded on cannibal horror. Still I am willing to give Eli another chance. I love the cannibal sub genre. I love it's potential to break taboos and really disturb the audience, and I'm glad someone is working in that genre again. I will be in line opening day for Beyond the Green Inferno.

*PS Just a reminder, I started writing this before finding out the sequel, Beyond the Green Inferno was put on hold a couple years ago. It does look like the sequel is back on track, but there is never any guarantee a film will make it to release until its on the screen.

Posted by Allen Alberson

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