BOOK REVIEW: Tempus Investigations (2016)

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Tempus Investigations:
A Fictional TV Series

Author: Claus Holm; Publisher: CreateSpace; ISBN-10: 1534876294 | ISBM-13: 978-1534876293; Media: Paperback and ePub; Length: 268 pages; Genre: Crime / Horror / Fantasy; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2016

From the description:

Jim Corrigan died in 1933… but he returned to life. Now, he can’t die. Through the first season, Jim and his friends matches wits with the supernatural side of San Francisco, making both new friends – and a few enemies. Tempus Investigations mixes the world of TV and books, making a unique kind of story – a fan fiction so elaborate it needed to create the show itself. In this book, you’ll find the first four episodes, which form Season 1. If you love shows like Buffy, Angel and Supernatural – tune in for Tempus Investigations!

Tempus Investigations is the latest offering from Danish author Claus Holm and, as the snippet notes, it’s about an undead private detective with the ability to see and communicate with the spirit world and who specializes in unusual cases. Jim Corrigan is a hard-boiled detective in the vein of Phillip Marlowe who has had to adapt to the world as it has changed since he died. His occupation as a private detective keeps him busy and away from most people, and this is fine by him. Until it isn’t.

The overarching story of Tempus Investigations is the of how Jim’s life changes when he encounters various people who eventually become part of his investigative team. Each case not only has Jim uncovering clues to some truly heinous crimes but also uncovering people who find his specialty area as intriguing as they find him. The book is set up as a TV show with each case being an episode – or a series of episodes – and the reader is invited to imagine how it would play out on TV. This is not a difficult task for the reader as Holm’s narrative is both rich and descriptive. Not only can you see what he’s describing, you can practically feel and smell the crime scenes Jim investigates. Because his characters are people, they are fully realized with their own personal idiosyncracies and charms. We are not presented with the usual cardboard cutouts often found in modern fiction.

Although Danish, Holm has a good grasp of American culture and it is as true in this book as in his last. Dialogue, always tricky for a writer, is no problem here. Corrigan and the other characters speak naturally with no awkward exposition pieces shoehorned in to force the plot forward. What happens, happens naturally. Indeed, the speech patterns as well as the topics are as natural as one can wish for in a detective story. But it’s far more than just a detective story. It is also a tale of the supernatural, magic, history, and the human condition. And it’s damn entertaining.

Find out more about Claus Holm on his Facebook page or his author page at Read the beginning of Tempus Investigations here, and purchase your own copy to finish reading it (you’ll want to!) here.

10/10 claws – Renewed for another season!

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was an editor for this publication, too. It was my great good fortune to be able to read this before it was available to the public.

Posted by Alan Smithee

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