Bridge of the Doomed finishing funds campaign is live!

With the success of Art of the dead, which is now available on VOD and to buy. The Mahal Brothers. Michael and Sonny have done it again with the new film coming out. Bridge of the Doomed, directed by Michael Su  written by Adrian Milnes. A group of soldiers is ordered to hold a bridge during a zombie outbreak, but what lives underneath the bridge, proves to be even more deadly.

The trailer has dropped and looks impressive with amazing effects and exciting story line. This is where you can help make the film bigger. I’m personally excited Art of the Dead blew me away, so without a doubt, this one is already on my list for great films of 2020. So with your help now the film is finished but needs some help with the finishing funds. Time is of the essence with your help; you can get your name on the film, produce and even go to the premiere as a VIP. For more information, here’s the link to the campaign. If you missed the last campaign, don’t miss this one!



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