Cam (2018) Movie Review [SPOILERS]- House Of Tortured Souls

Over the weekend while I was browsing Netflix, I came across the movie Cam and decided to check it out. Cam was written by a former cam girl Isa Mazzei and directed by Daniel Goldhaber. The film explores the online camming world and what women endure while trying to make a living and keeping their personal lives private from their online life.  

The film follows Alice (Madeline Brewer- The Handsmaid Tale, Orange Is The New Black) an ambitious young girl who performs under the name Lola on the website FreeGirls.Live. Alice will do whatever it takes to stay in the Top 50. She performs different themed shows (like the seven deadly sins) and even pushes the envelope with risky stunts, like slitting her own throat in order to obtain excitement from her viewers who tip tokens. One particular favorite viewer is Barney (Michael Bempsey).

Like in any industry, there will be competition and jealousy. In this case, a top performer known as Princess (Samantha Robinson) will do what it takes to knock Lola out of the top 50. With Lola being the ambitious young woman that she is, she does everything in her power to keep entertaining to strive to stay in the top. She takes it an extra notch sacfricing everything she has to make sure the rest of the night goes smoothly until the next day when she goes to login she is locked out of her account. 

Being locked out of any account which has access to your information can be quite frightening. For poor Lola (Alice) she is living that nightmare with a lookalike version of her still running her account. Calling customer support is not only frustrating for Lola, but for the viewers as well who can relate in a time of needing help with your personal information seems to be hacked. 

Lola not only is battling trying to get her account back in order to work to supply her living and keep her fans, she is battling herself and keeping her online life separate from reality and away from the ones she loves. Coming to terms that her doppelgänger is an actual glitch, she does everything in her power to overthrow her and trick her to getting her account back, even taking it to an extreme by damaging her face to prove what is real. You would think Lola would have learned her lesson on how dangerous the webcam world can be even with having her account and identity stolen but it cuts down to her making a whole new account and new name so she can be top dog again.

The online world can be an exciting and scary environment. It allows you to feel like you are escaping your reality but it goes to show that you can’t be someone else without it catching up to you. The way this movie was directed and written will hold your attention from start to finish. Madeline Brewer’s performance was convincing and passionate and you feel for her    cause “losing” yourself/identity into a cyber abyss happens more frequently than we would like to imagine. Some may think webcamming is for an escape and for fun, but for some they see it as a way of living.

Overall Grade: A


Posted by Sarah Gregory

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