Chris Rock’s Saw movie has an apparent title with exclusive pics

From the early beginning to now, the SAW movies have been a staple in the horror franchise. It is offering new and terrifying devices of death to the exciting story twists and creating a horror icon of one John Kramer, aka JIGSAW.

With Chris Rock jumping on board, he pitched an idea that convinced the studios to make another saw film. The film has been completed and is in post-production.  Starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson as his father.  We have the new title for the film. Spiral: From the book of Saw. The writers of the film have confirmed it’s not a sequel to Jigsaw, but it’s in the timeline of the movie.

All we know at this point is that Chris Rock’s character is investigating a series of grisly murders and that there’s maybe one joke. With Comedians making great horror and thrillers, could this be the new trend? Comedians restarting horror franchises with their ideas? May 2020 is the release date for the film.


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