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Back in August of 2014, it was announced director Adam Schindler (Delivery: The Beast Within) was set to direct upcoming home invasion horror thriller, Shut In, which was originally slated for a 2015 release. The name has since been changed to Intruders and is finally set for its theatrical and VOD run on January 15, 2016 and will be released through Momentum Pictures (an E1 company).

Film fest hit Intruders will star Beth Riesgraf (TV series The Librarians) , Martin Starr (Dead Snow), Rory Culkin (Signs, Scream 4) and Jack Kesy (TV series The Strain) and is reported to be a home invasion horror with a bit of a twist, a sort of Home Alone meets You're Next. 

The synopsis of the film is as such:

A trio of criminals breaks into a house thinking it is abandoned. However, it is inhabited by an attractive young woman with a severe case of  agoraphobia so incapacitating she would rather stay in the home and contend with the bad guys, than venture out of it in an attempt to escape them. Little does this trio of bandits know that agoraphobia is just ONE of her mental issues.

There is much more to this demure woman than meets the eye and soon a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds as she pulls a few tricks of her own and wages a war on the unsuspecting criminals who never saw her coming. 

Beth Reisgraf

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