Darren Lynn Bousman teases biggest and horrific saw trap EVER.

With the news of SAW coming back was one thing, but Chris Rock is responsible for it? Given we all have opinions. Some good and some bad and of course some who feel we have too many SAW movies.

The franchise is coming back at this point we know very little on what’s going on with movies, and that makes it so entertaining. We don’t know what to expect until it’s done. The films took off after the first film by JAMES WAN from then his career went on doing other movies. A new director was needed, and hence Darren Lynn Bousman steps in not only doing 2, 3 and 4. The films were always in good hands to the point where a minor reboot was in order.

With the SAW films, there’s a lot of rules. They are making sure the traps can work in real life and the promise of blood. Darren took to his Instagram post posting a very cryptic message.
At this point, we can’t make sense of what was said, but we know there will be blood. Below are the pics on what Darren has been documenting on the filming. The film is slated for May 2020

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