Dead Inferno an 80’s style horror with zombie & bloody revenge


With Valentine’s day around the corner, we automatically think of the usual gifts. Flowers, candy, romantic getaway, maybe something for the bedroom. Well, a movie coming out next month is a gift for any horror fan — Dead Inferno aka Bombshell Bloodbath by Brett Mullen, who he co-wrote with Sky Tilley. Starring Alex Elliott, Rob Springer, Jess Barbour, When exposed to her father’s experimental attempts to reanimate his wife, Cara (Alex Elliott), must find a way to protect her family’s secret while slowly slipping into the world of the living dead.

The movie is a great feature in the DRIVE-IN SERIES line. With a beautiful synthesizer score that brings back the memories of Lucio Fulci or Umberto Lenzi. Which by the way the composer’s name is Umberto. The film starts with what looks like the ending of the film, where the main character played by Alex Elliott describes her life. 

Watching the film, I couldn’t help but notice influences the director was paying tribute — for example, the opening sequence with the almost grainy picture and music. Fulci would be proud. The film does a great job at being a different zombie movie. There’s excellent execution of scenes showing off what the fans wanted great FX with actions that may be over the top for non horror fans, but still worth a watch. Brett didn’t go out to rip off other directors or make a Walking Dead like film. He went out and made a great zombie movie with a subplot of a female revenge story. The actors did a great job, along with the two that stood out. Dr. Ben Carter played by Rob Springer. He was giving off very intense Jeffery Combs from Re-animator. Of course, Ben wants his dead wife back but still was able to show off his acting skills even being bandaged up, which for some actors that could be hard to emote when you can’t show off facial expression. We see his love for work morph into sheer madness where again his heart is no longer there and he’s become what he’s fighting for: the living dead (metaphorically)

The second stand out performance was from Cara Carter by Alex Elliott. Her story is about not so much a zombie story but she’s feeling her dark side where she’s not evil but just hungry for a blood lust against the wrong. We see her hungry, where she has dreams of eating her flesh and organs to going out and attacking people. Not like a ravage animal, but just shooting or brutally murdering them. We don’t want to hate her or even root for her, but we can’t help but enjoy the gore. Although her dream sequences again paying homage to the 80’s Italian horror films.

The film does have a great ending where yes, there is a zombie outbreak. Still, there are no running zombies, there’s no over the top action sequences as if it’s a Michael Bay or Zack Snyder film. There’s a scene where the country folk shoot them all and hunt the living dead down, but the way it’s done makes us remember we’re enjoying a horror movie. However, like all zombie movies, we tend to see how we can be — monsters among the living. Brett Mullen did a great job, and honestly, with this movie coming out next month from Tetro Video, it’s best to buy it and watch it with someone you love or with somebody who loves old fashion classic horror from the best decade ever the 80’s.

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