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As someone who has been a journalist in the horror genre for almost 20 years, I have seen the topic of censorship in horror more times than I can remember. Up until now, I have always thought that the most heinous occurrence was the Video Nasty craze that rocked England in the early 1980’s that saw a list of 72 genre films persecuted simply for being horror films. While one could certainly argue that the films listed had content that was shocking for their time and the fact that the restrictions of home video releases were nearly non-existent, an outright ban and prosecution for owning any of the titles certainly seems over the top and excessive. In my mind, that has now been passed by the news that the Soska Sisters have been permanently banned from the social media platform Twitter for sharing a banner promoting the release of their upcoming re-imagining of the David Cronenberg classic Rabid (which is set to premiere next month at Frightfest in the UK)…

Now keep in mind that the above picture has been shared NUMEROUS times on various social media platforms and hundreds, if not thousands of people the world over as well as many horror websites and magazines. One has to ask if someone has a vendetta against the Soska’s and reported the picture specifically as it appears on their social media or is there more to it? They are known to be outspoken on certain causes, especially when it comes pedophilia and people in the industry that are linked to it. I certainly agree with them on that topic and they always try to be a positive force in the industry when it comes to inclusivity and equality in the industry. Something that stand out to me about the Twisted Twins when it comes to social media was something that Jen posted yesterday and I think it is really important: “Thank you for the overwhelming support. I must say if you believe someone cannot speak to someone with an opposing view, please unfriend me. Post your views on your pages where you have the right to speak freely and about any topic you wish. But I will always encourage speech over silence. And we must speak with people we disagree with if we’re ever to find common ground and mutual understanding. If you have feelings about my actions try to remember you get to pick your choices, not mine. Not anyone else’s. To rule what someone can or cannot say and to who or who not is utterly ridiculous.” This is something I think many people in our industry need to be reminded of…

I think that the above statement shows what is wrong with social media and people today (not the Soska’s). While I also believe in diversity and inclusion for everyone, we have moved into an era where you are not allowed to have an opinion of your own unless you agree with the “majority”. People have become so sensitive to everything that now when something offends one person, it becomes a calling card for others to jump onto it and often voice an opinion on something that they normally would say nothing about just because it is the hip and “in” thing to do. I remember a time when if you didn’t like what was on the TV, you changed the channel. You didn’t like the song? Change the station. Didn’t like what was being said in a book? Don’t read it. I think we need to get back to that. We all know the type of films the Soska’s make, so why is anyone surprised by the pictures from the film? Don’t follow them on social media if the pictures offend you. Horror in particular is maligned enough as it is. Look at the bullshit going on with Instagram. Anything tagged #horror now brings up a warning and recommendations to suicide awareness pages!

The trash pic shown above is the response the Soska’s have received from Twitter. How many people do you think really complained about the picture that allegedly offended everyone? There is damn sure more hateful content being posted on social media platforms than the picture they are using to promote their new film. When you consider all of the hateful rhetoric that is spewed from both sides of the political spectrum, the fighting with all of the various religions in the world and even idiots that fight about racial issues, how is a picture from a horror film the worst thing that can be posted? We as a horror community should be outraged by what is going on and the attack on our beloved genre and the Soska’s is certainly unacceptable. Please make sure to sign and share this petition to show your support against this great injustice!

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