Dedman’s Morbid Mausoleum Of Dark Poetry: A Wraith’s Infernal Lullaby

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“Shadows of Dust, A Specter’s unrelenting Agony,
The splintered Reality, Blackest reward is Alchemy;
Enunciate thy Pain, Perpetrate outward in Blasphemy,
Vociferation details Anguish, A Soul befouled Maggoty.

Shade of Detritus, A Phantom’s inexorable Misery,
An unconnected Actuality, Baseless means of Mystery;
Vocalize your Torment, Represent forward as Trickery,
Exclamation without Angst, Psyche projects as Witchery.

Phantom of Rubble, A Wraith’s adamant Suffering,
Of broken Realism, Determination fades to Smothering,
Articulate thine Torture, Sufferance leads unknown Guttering,
Enunciate the Excruciate, Mortal coil experiences Puncturing.

Ghost of Wreckage, a Poltergeist’s unappeasable Bitterness,
Tattered bits Surrealism, Expectations dissolved as Dizziness,
Pronounce thou Distortion, Damnation begets a Slipperiness,
Alliterations within Consternation, Drained in Death’s Wilderness…”

Posted by Dedman

Writer for House of Tortured Souls website, Coffin Cuties & Digital Dead Magazines, Podcast Host for The Calling Hours & Owner of Slit of the Wrist Fx

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