Delivered (Into the Dark) Review

The newest Into the Dark episode Delivered gives a whole new meaning and twist on Mother’s Day.

Delivered directed by Emma Tammi (The Wind) follows Valerie (Natalie Paul) a pregnant mother to be who goes to a retreat for expecting mother’s, however things are not all that they seem to be when she awakes in the morning chained to a bed.

Let’s rewind back for a minute. Valerie’s husband Tom (Michael Cassidy) met another expecting mother at a yoga class named Jenny (Tina Majorino). The two seemed to hit it off and he introduces her to his wife Valerie hoping they find a common ground and becoming friends not just based off of sharing their pregnancies. Jenny is over the moon while Valerie seems to focus more about getting back to work and having her morning sickness be over with, it seems like she’s not into having this baby. 

Like most expecting mothers, some are overwhelmed with excitement but also feeling nervous as they aren’t sure if what to expect, especially with their first baby and that is exactly how Valerie feels. With all her added stress, she is now in a nightmare and Tammi is adding more to Valerie’s fear than just the baby that’s growing inside of her. 

You as the audience can see the twist coming not even half way through in this movie with its “Rosemary’s Baby” vibes and Tina Majorino does an amazing job convincing not only Valerie and her husband, but the audience as well with seeming sane.

For this Mother’s Day check out Delivered on Hulu, you’ll appreciate your mothers even more.

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