Detroit Driller Killer (2020) [Review]


This is an unofficial remake of Driller Killer (1977) directed by Matt Jaissle of The Necro Files and Back From Hell fame and a really impressive one too! This time instead of a starving artist in New York City that snaps and slaughters people with a power drill, a starving screenwriter in Detroit snaps and starts slaughtering people with a power drill! This one might be a little less serious and more tongue-in-cheek (and I don’t mind that style at all), but still super bloody, really grimy, and never boring at all!

As far as the gore goes, there are some nice and bloody as hell drillings! Some are really quick with minimal blood, but most are nice and gruesome with plenty of blood spray! On top of that there’s a bludgeoning of multiple people at once that was nasty and had me laughing my ass off at the same time! Most of the blood-soaked killings reminded me of low-budget German gore and that’s far from an insult because I LOVE German gore movies!

This movie just came out and seems to be getting a decent amount of hate from fans of the original Driller Killer and I don’t understand why. Just because this movie was made for a fraction of the original doesn’t make it a terrible movie! This movie is every bit as bloody and grimy if not more! Great fast pace, super grimy atmosphere, great dialog, and entertaining blood-soaked drilling action! Matt Jaissle and crew did an amazing job with this one! Recently released by SRS Cinemas on very limited blu ray (already sold out) and VHS! Hopefully more releases soon so check the Facebook and Storenvy pages of Matt’s company Videvil Video.

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