Did Capcom just hint towards a remake of Resident Evil 3?

The biggest game of the year is a remake of an old PS2 game. Resident Evil 2. Given the game back then was a game changer and fun. For years people remastered a scene or two to show what could be capable. In 2015 that all changed when Capcom announced that RE2 would get the remastered look.


The game came out with considerable sales in just over a few months being one of the most talked/played games in a long time. Personally, the game is an excellent reminder of the good old fashion survival horror games, but capcom just posted on their twitter that raises many questions. So, we’re getting a Resident Evil 3 remake? Remember 3 takes place before 2. It’s hard to say what will happen, but with the sales for the 2 it’ll be insane for capcom did not do Resident Evil 3

Posted by Jai Alexis

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