Digital Dismemberment: Jorg Buttgereit’s SEX MURDER ART 4-Disc Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition Box Set: Nekromantik 2 Special Edition Blu-Ray Review

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This is part 2 of a 4 part review of the Jorg Buttgereit’s SEX MURDER ART 4-Disc Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition Box Set. Enjoy!

Director- Jorg Buttgereit

Producer- Manfred O. Jelinski

Special FX- Jorg Buttgereit and Sammy Balkas

Cast- Monika M., Mark Reeder, Simone Sporl, Beatrice Manowski, Wolfgang Muller, Lena Braun, Kathe Kruse, Florian Koerner Von Gustorf, Eddi Zacharias, Vanessa Salata, Eva-Maria Kurz, Astrid Ewers, Carola Ewerts, Petra, Franz Rodenkirchen, Bale Bond, Bjorn Zielaskowski, Jorg Bettgereit, Bernd Daktari Lorenz and John Boy Walton

Released By- Cult Epics

Release Date- April 12th, 2016

The Premise: From director Jorg Buttgereit comes Nekromantik 2, the gore horror sequel to his 1987 classic Nekromantik. Monika (Monika M.) is a beautiful necrophiliac who lives alone in Berlin. By day she works as a nurse. By night she prowls through cemeteries while searching for fresh corpses. When she reads about the suicide of Rob (Nekromantik’s Daktari Lorenz) she finds his grave to dig up his body and brings it home. Mark (Mark Reeder) lives across town and makes his living dubbing “sex films”. After meeting Monika, romance blossoms and they fall in love. But all is not well in Monika’s world. Her relationship with Mark begins to falter and she has to make a final choice between loving the living or the dead.

While certainly a worthy follow-up to the groundbreaking Nekromantik, it is certainly interesting to note that Jorg Buttgereit considers this film to be both a love story and a feminist film. I can certainly see how it is a film about love (or rather the complex emotions of two people searching for love in entirely different ways) but maybe because I am not female or a feminist, I certainly don’t see it as a feminist film any more than the the first film was a story of the patriarchy. Politics aside, this is certainly an interesting film that in some ways surpasses the original and at times misses the mark. The film certainly tries to further the extreme violence (the footage of the seal being butchered and the spectacular beheading sequence are certainly squirm inducing), but I think it falls a bit short in terms of the emotional impact of the original. The character of Monika never quite hits the same emotional trauma that Rob experiences in the first film and it almost seems like her necrophiliac tendencies are more of an afterthought than a driving desire. What I did find particularly interesting was how Monika interacted with her female friends (eating pizza and chocolate with Rob’s severed head on the table, all while watching the previously mentioned seal footage) and her initial reactions to having sex with Rob’s body. The final scene brings it back to the level of the original however, and is certainly not for the squeamish! Once again, the music, camera work and locations are all top notch and give the film an air of danger that a film handling such subversive material should have…

SPOILERS: As the film starts, we get a black and white reshowing of Rob’s horrific suicide from the first film in all of its glory. The film flashes back to color at the tail end of Rob’s suicide as we then cut to a shot of some old buildings before settling to a shot of a young woman searching and eventually finding his grave in a secluded graveyard. Her name is Monika and she goes to great lengths to dig his body up and takes it back home with her. As she drags his corpse into her apartment, we can see that she also has a great fascination for death, even seeing a newspaper article on the wall about Rob’s suicide. We then cut to a scene where we see a young man named Mark heading into work where he does voice dubbing for porno films. We flash back to Monika as she is caressing and slowly undressing Rob’s corpse, slowly running her hands and fingers over and in his stab wounds. Again we go back to Mark at work dubbing over porn scenes while at the same time we see Monika attempting to have sex with Rob’s corpse until she suddenly jumps off and vomits in the bathroom after licking him. In an interesting twist, we see Betty from the first film at Rob’s grave, upset by the fact that someone has beaten her to digging up his corpse. Monika now takes great pains to wash Rob’s decaying corpse and displays it proudly on her living room table. When we next see Mark, he is called by a young woman about a movie date but when she shows up late, he has run into Monika and gives her the ticket instead…

They immediately hit it off with one another and have breakfast afterwards. They both appear to be happy and we next see different scenes of them visiting a local garden and a fair of some type but you can tell that Monika’s death obsession is starting to rear its head as ominous shots of skeletons and other odd creatures at the fair seem to seek her out. They later visit a zoo to see the animals and take pictures. Afterwards, Monika is at home and decides to cut Rob’s body up with a handsaw, keeping only his severed head and penis. She returns the rest of his body in blue trash bags back to his grave. Later, Mark goes to Monika’s apartment and after her showing him family pictures of funerals, they have sex in the living room. Mark is quite happy but you can tell the experience was not everything that Monika was hoping for as she imagines Rob’s corpse in Mark’s place. There is a strange dream sequence with Monika singing and ethereal shots of Rob’s corpse, then we see her taking strange pictures of Mark hanging upside down. He later talks with a friend about Monika’s strange behavior but keeps seeing her. While out with another friend, he gets drunk at a bar and passes out, having strange dreams of being buried in the ground. When we next see Monika, she has several female friends over, and while eating pizza and chocolate (WHILE having Rob’s severed head on the table like a decoration) watch a video of a seal being brutally butchered. Mark comes over and the women leave. Monika show the video to him and he is disgusted, demanding she turn it off and then leaves. They later make up and while having sex in Monika’s bed, she brutally saws his head off and replaces it with Rob’s, all while continuing to sleep with his corpse. The movie ends when we later find out that Monika is now pregnant…

Bonus Features

Jorg Buttgereit’s SEX MURDER ART Booklet: New for this Box Set, this 40 page booklet is one of the true treasures of this release! Complete with an introduction from Nico B. of Cult Epics, this includes excerpts of David Kereke’s early interviews with Jorg and other crew members from his book Sex Murder Art as well as art created exclusively for this release by Ferox. The interviews certainly give more subtext to the cannon of Buttgereit’s films and with the inclusion of the photographs and an in-depth breakdown of Buttgereit’s filmography, this may just be THE definitive say on his work!

Film Introduction By Jorg Buttgereit: (Run time of 1 minute 36 seconds) This optional intro is a brief introduction of the film from the director with a quick bit of history about how the German government originally tried to confiscate the negatives at a film festival. He also mentions again in this segment that he considers this film a love story and not a horror film…

The Making Of Nekromantik 2: (Run time of 26 minutes 37 seconds) A really fantastic look at the making of Nekromantik 2 that includes behind the scenes footage, FX test footage (really interesting set up for the building of the corpse seen on film and the terrible circumstances the body double had to go through as well as the incredible head severing sequence) and the experimentation of camera rigs. It is in this segment that Jorg talks about how the film is a love story and a feminist film (lots of exposition about the film having a female lead and the fact that the film was going to be played at a womens film festival). He also goes into great detail about the building of the corpse and how the film DOES NOT glamorize violence. Much like the first film, you can see the passion that went into making this movie and the total commitment the cast and crew put into making the best film they could.

Still Photo Gallery: 128 different photos and still in color and black and white from the film,

Outtakes: (Run time of 11 minutes 4 seconds) This is an interesting blend of alternate take and behind the scenes footage from the film. You don’t really see anything shocking that would have changed the narrative of the film, but this footage does give you more of an idea of what the locations were like and the preparations that were taken for certain scenes. No audio.

JB Trailers: Trailers from Jorg Buttgereit’s films, including Nekromantik HD (2 Minutes), Nekromantik 2 (1 Minute 5 Seconds), Der Todesking (2 Minutes 20 Seconds), Schramm (1 Minute 30 Seconds) and Hot Love (1 Minute 12 seconds).

20th Anniversary Live Concert: (Run time of 11 minutes 40 seconds) This was an event that took place at the 20th Anniversary screening of Nekromantik 2 that incorporated the use of live music. Musicians included Andre Abshagen, Monika M., Jens Friebe and Julie Miess. You get to see the musicians playing to certain scenes from the film and different shots of the audience. A very nice and unique piece of the films history.

A Moment Of Silence At The Grave Of Ed Gein: (Run time of 2 minutes 14 seconds) This is the footage that Jorg Buttgereit took while visiting the grave of notorious serial killer Ed Gein.

Half Girl- Lemmy, I’m A Feminist Music Video: (Run time of 3 minutes 8 seconds) Music video from the band Half Girl directed by Jorg Buttgereit. Yes, Lemmy DOES make an appearance!

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: This is included on the Blu-Ray AS WELL AS on a separate disc (new for this release as it was including only on disc on the standalone Nekromantik Special Edition Blu-Ray Release) along with the soundtrack to Jorg Bettgereit’s SCHRAMM..

Track Listing: 1. Nekro Intro (1:05) 2. Pure (1:46) 3. Scelette Insturmental (2:33) 4. Porno Sounds (1:50) 5. Work (2:06) 6. Home (Domestic Version 2:38) 7. Betty’s Return (2:32) 8. The Wheel Of Love (3:36) 9. The Missing Genital (:41) 10. Supersonic Tonic (2:48) 11. Scelette Delicieux (2:36) 12. Nekrowalz (1:42) 13. “Franzosisch” In E-Moll (3:21) 14. Magnum-Bar-Mix 2000 Plus (3:21) 15. Nekromantik 1991 (3:29) 16. Sex With A Saw (1:35)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Live: (Run time of 47 minutes 10 seconds) This is a live version of the soundtrack. Absolutely haunting and a fantastic edition to this set.

Discs: 4
Format: NTSC
Color: Color
Rating: NR
Aspect Ratio: 1080p High Definition Widescreen (1.33:1)
Language: German with Subtitles

Cult Epics has done another amazing job releasing what is considered to be an all time classic in the annals of gore/shock cinema! Again, while there has been other releases of the film (including the Arrow Blu-Ray release) the pinnacle is the Blu-Ray release from Cult Epics, both the Special Edition release and as part of this 4 Disc Box set. The transfer is quite spectacular and keeps the grainy quality that works so well for the film. While all of the Special Features are spot on and give the release a full feeling, I find that 20th Anniversary Live Concert is the ultimate gift from this box set. In addition to having the soundtrack from Nekromantik 2 on the movie disc, this release also makes it available on a separate CD so that it can be transferred to your favorite listening device. The Making Of Nekromantik 2 feature is also quite informative, especially on the FX side of things and the still gallery has a wealth of photos that you just can’t find anywhere else. The Nekromantik 2 Collectible Artwork by Johnny Ryan and Nekrophilia photo of Monika M. ARE NOT included in this release, but again, it is a small detail that can be overlooked considering the addion of the SEX MURDER ART booklet. Everything about this is must have and looking forward to more releases from Cult Epics soon!

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5
Blu-Ray Rating: 10 out of 10

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