[Episode Review] Twilight Zone: “The Comedian”

I took advantage of watching the first episode of The Twilight Zone produced by Jordan Peele (Key & Peele, Get Out, Us), for free to see what the hype was. It premiered on April 1st on CBS All Access. This 10 episode anthology based on the original 1959 television series created by Rod Serling, is also narrated and hosted by Jordan Peele.

The first episode called “The Comedian” which was produced by Owen Harris takes us into the life of Samir Wassan (Kumail Nanjiani—Silicon Valley, Adventure Time) who is a struggling stand-up comedian. After his act, he sits at the bar where he stumbles upon J.C. Wheeler (Tracy Morgan—SNL, 30 Rock) a veteran comic whom he admires. In awe, he starts up a conversation with J.C. and asks if he can offer any advice, he advised Samir to add personal material into his act. When Samir takes the stage, he sticks to his old routine, upon silence from the crowd he starts to think about what J.C. said and makes jokes about his dog and the audience gets loud in laughter. What Samir discovers next is what boggles his mind. After the dog jokes, the dog vanished, and no one seems to remember that he existed. Samir determines that anyone and anything he mentions start to disappear forever. He has to make a crucial decision, is naming someone close to you worth mentioning in your act for laughs and are you prepared to lose them forever? 

In Samir’s case, he chooses to use those around him for laughs, he accidentally erased his nephew and then started deleting those he thinks will be better off living in this world. The love of his life Rena (Amara Karan—The Task, The Upside) breaks up with him after he decides to erase someone from her life that helped her become a successful lawyer. Samir still does not learn, he even goes as far to almost delete his fellow stand-up comedian rival Didi Scott (Diarra Kilpatrick) but was then confronted by Rena herself after she finds his journal with a list of people that he erased from this world. 

This is an ultimate lesson of going to the extreme while wanting fame and being selfish. A monster was created and cannot be stopped. It shows how far one will go for their career, and if it’s worth any sacrifice for you to go now in life. I thought this was well done in how it was perceived. It wasn’t hard to believe about or to figure out what was happening, but you do think about how your decisions in life can affect you and those around you — the perfect balance of real-life horror and sci-fi suspense.   

Check out the trailer below. The first episode is free and you can watch it on YouTube. ⬇️⬇️



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