Everyone Laugh at Leanne (Review) — House Of Tortured Souls

Everyone Laugh at Leanne is a psychological short horror film written and directed by M W Daniels (House of Lexi). 

The short film takes us through the life of Leanne (Kerry Newton) who at the start of the film, seems to have the life we all dream of having—- the nice house, the dream boyfriend Eddie (Tom Coulston), a job you could hope for, however, that perfect life of hers does not exist.

Leanne’s mental state starts to take a toll. Carrying on about her day, she steps outside where she witnesses her best friends (Josie O’Rourke, Jodie O’Rourke) killing an innocent woman that opens the door and then covers up the evidence. Leanne goes into a whirlwind of hysterics only to have her boyfriend come home to find out that nothing happened. That everything is just fine. Is everything just in Leanne’s head?

What I love the most about this short is that it doesn’t give anything away right off the bat, it allows you time to put together on what is happening in Leanne’s life. Kerry Newton’s performance was on point and carried very strongly. In my opinion, this is a short film that is definitely worth checking out. 



Posted by Sarah Gregory

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