Exclusive look at Violet & how you can help out with the film

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In a few weeks principal photography will be wrapped. Small funding will take place where fans can donate to the film. Truth be told with some great talent including one of Marcus Koch doing fx who you may know from such films as Bloodshock and Song of Solomon. He’s bringing some new fx to the film.
House of Tortured Souls was lucky enough to get an exclusive scene along with some pictures. Samuel has this to say about the experience of working on his film:

“This movie isn’t a horror movie, it does have its moments, but at its core, it is about showcasing the lingering trauma of rape. I began working on this film three to four years ago now, and I pretty much opened up my chest and grabbed my heart and tossed it out for the world to see.

Violet is more than a movie; it’s a message. While we were on set wrapping up this one last scene before getting kicked out of a location, I thought I was desensitized from the script. I can handle it, I thought. We were shooting the rape scene. Now, in my movie, I don’t want to show nudity, and I don’t want to show the rape. I want to have some footage to sprinkle into the film, for Violet to remember – and we the audience can get an insight into what happened to her. Now while shooting this, I just broke down. I kept yelling cut because I couldn’t take it, it was too real, and it kept reminding me of the past. But hey… maybe thats a good thing. If it affected me this much, perhaps it will affect the audience and get my message across better.”

With that being said in this day in age of movie needing funding, my question is, why not? Film perks from a guy with enough credit to his name not only working with some exciting new faces of horror, but now he’s behind the camera working on his first feature film that isn’t short — tons of talent, an impressive script. Every prominent filmmaker started somewhere might as well be there at the beginning with Samuel. Here’s a clip from Violet

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Well hell yeah, Alyss is a wonderful choice for the lead.

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