Exclusive pictures for Harrison Smiths “The Special”

Having previously written and directed Zombie Killers, Camp Dread and bringing together the expendables of horror in Death HouseHarris Smith is a filmmaker who has become synonymous with the horror genre. Therefore It comes as no surprise that there is much interest growing following the release of his new teaser trailer for The Special and House of Tortured Souls is excited to give our readers an opportunity to take a look at some exclusive pictures for the film.

The Special will be directed by Harrison Smith, using the script written by Mark Steensland and James Newman, which has been adapted the script from their original novella. It tells the story of Jerry Harford who believes that his wife is having an affair. Taking the advice of his best friend who urges him to fight fire with fire, it ends up with some horrific results. Harford begins a nightmarish trip down a surreal rabbit hole that gives Fatal Attraction a dark spin.

Harrison Smith reunites again with collaborator Felissa Rose as associate producer and stars a talented cast including; Davy Raphaely (Camp Dread, Zombie Killers), Sarah French (Death House, Rootwood) and David Sheridan of Scary Movie” fame. The film also includes special cameos from Howard Stern’s Richard Christy, pro wrestler Chris Jericho and singer, musician Howard Jones. Harrison Smith describes the film as “a great warning to infidelity, and I see it as a “Midnight Horror Chick Flick” and urge any woman who has been cheated on to “see this film with someone they hate.”  For more information check out the trailer link right here.

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