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  • Rich Orth, Poet in Residence and Rich Orth POEtry. Rich Orth is a contemporary dark poet whose works are characterized by intricate, evocative, and layered language.
  • Ninth Annual Women in Horror Month (WiHM9) Massive Blood Drive
  • ALTER-EGO-DEZINES features custom artworks by creator/artist/sculptor Brian Dunn not only creates iconic and well-known designs but also conjures up creepy creations from his imagination.
  • Cemetery Prints by Sid Graves provides images of graveyards, cemeteries, and all things dark through the unique vision of Sid Graves.
  • Coffee Shop of Horrors gets its name from The Little Shop of Horrors and it is a horror fan’s dream, from the horror-themed decor to t-shirts to horror-related coffees, such as Burial Grounds, which is named in honor of Sid Graves and Cemetery Prints. At certain times of the year, they even sell horror pastries!
  • Curious Goods by Mike Smash offers a variety of hand-made, custom items, such as t-shirts, art prints, inverted crosses, shadowboxes, record covers, undead heroes and villains, full size posable action figures, and more.
  • The Vortexx is your home away from home for horror hosts, B-movies, and cult flicks. The Vortexx movies run 24/7, and the chat room is open at all times. Watch the shows and join the chat at
  • 2016 Scary Story Entries — Three fiction and three non-fiction tales from our readers and fans.
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