Filming has wrapped for Kong vs Godzilla! The two titans square off next year!

Well, good news King Kong vs. Godzilla has wrapped up filming. The film got started during the end credits of KONG where we find out that it’s part of the Godzilla universe. Kong proved to fans that this remake/reboot of a classic character is tough but also has enough emotion to show he can balance the two.

The exciting part of Kong vs. Godzilla will take place following Godzilla King of the monsters. The question is how much will this play in part of the sequel?

The film is wasting no time as it’ll be released in March of 2020. At one point there were talks of Godzilla being a part of the Pacific Rim universe. Will it still happen? Only time will tell, but as of right now it’s great to see this universe expanding. King Kong vs. Godzilla will star Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall. The director Adam Wingard confirms there’ll be a definite winner!

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