Friday the 13th: Board Game coming this summer!

Still bored during this quarantine? Well fear not horror fans, The Friday the 13th Board game is coming to you this summer.

The OP describes this board game as “an anxiety- ridden, press-your-luck horror game. “ In this board game, you’ll take on the role as camp counselors who try to survive five nights at camp with their fate in Jason’s hands.

The game includes:

-6 Player Boards

-1 Cabin Board

– 10 Critical Supply Cards

-6 Backpack Cards

-64 Fear Cards

-88 Blood Spatter Tokens

– 6 Escape Tokens

-6 Player Tokens

-1 Night Tracker

-67 Supply Tokens

-1 Camp bag


You will need to collect different supplies to make combinations for points, and you can use Fear cards to escape certain attacks. The players only have strategies and supplies to keep them alive the whole game.

The odds that the players will return back safely is slim, but there is a plot twist: you can steal supplies from the other players!

While it doesn’t have an exact release date yet, you can preorder it on The app website for $29. Once we find out more we will update all you horror fans!

Preorder here:


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