Frightful Fitness-Walk Like a Monster, Lose Weight and Get Strong

New Year, New Me! At least that is probably what the Frankenstein monster thought every time a new piece got stitched on.  But it’s also what many tell themselves each year as they resolve to drop those extra pounds, get in shape, and improve their health.  In this series, we shall examine ways to do just that-by basing your workout on your favorite genre.

Thinking of the Frankenstein monster-Boris Karloff had to wear weighted shoes, eight pounds each, to achieve the extra height and lumbering gait that so memorably conveyed the physical menace of the Monster.  One can just imagine what a task it was to wear weight equivalent to bowling balls strapped onto his feet for hours every day!  No doubt it taxed the muscles of his legs and challenged his cardiovascular endurance.

You too can achieve the strength and stamina of the Monster-by using ankle weights.  These simple fitness tools can be found in most sports and mega stores in weights of varying ranges.  All you have to do is strap them around your ankles and go for a nice, brisk walk, or even a jog if you want to truly challenge yourself.  Be sure to maintain a steady pace and not to overwork yourself. Once you take those weights off, you will feel as free as a departed spirit floating into the great beyond!


Posted by Daniel Ryan

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