Fullmoon is making a Blade (Puppet Master) spinoff movie!

It was reported this week that Fullmoon is making a Subspecies V film with Radu coming back. But we’re getting a new Puppet master movie, well a spin-off film!  The film plot from Fullmoon is as follows: 

Blade: The Iron Cross, being directed by John Lechago:

“For decades the fans have been clamoring for it, and now Full Moon delivers with the first standalone feature debut of one of its most beloved (and most frightful) characters: the hook-handed maniac puppet, BLADE! Charles Band’s PUPPET MASTER series continues as an unspeakable evil from Blade’s past emerges in the form of a murderous Nazi scientist named Dr. Hauser. As Hauser’s heinous crimes are discovered, the psychic war journalist, Elisa Ivanov, awakens Blade, and together the bloody journey of revenge begins. It’s Herr Hauser’s reanimated undead army versus a possessed doll and a beautiful vengeance-seeking clairvoyant! Who will win, and how will it affect the Full Moon Universe?”

This is very exciting because it seems like Fullmoon is going back to their with some old school classics with the new plan called The Deadly Ten. Ten films all released at once! Including a sequel to Head of the family: Bride of the Head of the family. Expect these an all other films next Valentines day 2020! For more info check out the link below

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