Gore Grind (2020) [Review]

This gory, fetish-ridden anthology put together by Tony Newton and some other sicko directors is not in your usual anthology format of 2 or more stories with a wraparound segment. There are many short movies bombarding you one after another of various lengths and they are of varying content also.

Gore Grind starts of with a bizarre and gory satanic short with no dialogue, creepy music, and a down pitched voice speaking backwards. Bizarre would be an understatement. Next is a woman with a ski mask on being interviewed by a man wearing a pig mask as his potential bondage sex slave. Other highlights are, a very young masked man torturing and sexually degrading a man in a shed while his friend films it, a murdering Santa Claus with a nice twist via one of his victims, and an old recluse showing a friend his bizarre way of celebrating his birthday!

I won’t get into every single segment, but this anthology definitely has a mix of gore, torture, nasty fetish, and just plain bizarre! I was definitely entertained and never bored with this one. My only complaint would be the music. It’s cool that there are a couple songs by the band VHS, but an anthology like this needed tons of actual gore grind bands in the soundtrack but there wasn’t. That being said, still a great anthology with a very creepy atmosphere that feels like you’re surfing the deep dark web. Highly recommended!

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