Gore Noir Needs Us To Help Keep Print Alive!

Something I truly enjoy is getting my hands on copies of magazines devoted to all things horror. There is just something about having a tangible, glossy paged collection of words, art, and  photos celebrating our favorite genre that I can’t get enough of. Someone that helps satisfy this need in myself is Mitch Rafter and his Gore Noir magazine.

I met Mitch a few years back in Austin, Texas during a Horror For The Holidays event sponsored by the good folks of Blood Over Texas. I went intent on snagging a copy of Mitch’s latest issue of Gore Noir; an incredible black and white coffin shaped edition adorned with a beautiful artistic rendering of Vampira. I was sold from this point on, and have continued to purchase his magazines and support his merch table at the various conventions where we would run into each other. 

For over eight years, Gore Noir has brought issues packed with photos, interviews, artwork, tattoos, as well as initiating horror themed events. This year the magazine will also be helping sponsor the sweet VIP bags for the famous 14th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas.

Gore Noir is really a spectacular example of how one die-hard horror fan turned their passion and talent into something for all of us to share and I hope it continues. Right now, with a little more than a week left, Gore Noir is raising funds for its next issue which will be a celebration of the iconic A Nightmare On Elm Street, featuring an interview with Lisa Wilcox, artwork by Michael Barentine and tons more. Mitch has much more to offer as well on the Kickstarter. Shirts, stickers, rare blood filled variant Gore Noir covers, back issues, even advertising space for those that seek it.

Each issue of Gore Noir is fucking goregeous and is crafted with a true indie spirit which I love to support and if you feel like you’re down to support as well, please visit the link to pre order the next copy of Gore Noir’s Nightmare on Elm Street tribute issue or simply donate a few bucks to this very worthy cause. Help keep print alive!

Posted by Danni Winn

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