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Haley Jay Madison: Scream Queen Spotlight

If you are a fan of the independent horror scene, you have probably already heard of Haley Jay Madison. The up and coming actress has been paying her dues in Indy horror over the last several years, and in 2015 she was named After Dark Films' Screen Queen to Die for. She's a busy actress, but she took the time to do an interview by email with us here at House of Tortured Souls. We are honored to get the chance to chat with Haley Jay Madison, and hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better. Thanks, Haley!

House of Tortured Souls: How old were you when you decided to be an actress?
Haley Jay Madison: I had not really planned on being an actress until it actually fell in my lap. I was 19 at the time, so I guess that would be the age at which I decided to be an actress. I was told a lot growing up that I could model and that I had a spark, but I never saw it until I started making movies. I found my spark by happenstance, and I'm really glad I was given all the opportunities that allowed me to get where I am!

Haley Jay loves it bloody

HoTS: How did you first get involved with acting?
HJM: Like I previously mentioned, I stumbled across acting by coincidence when I was 19. I decided to get a tattoo from a mutual friend of mine and he asked me if I wanted to be in his movie. I ended up starring in and producing a feature film with him. I came to find out I had a natural talent for acting and filmmaking. After that I started going to horror conventions and my career ballooned from there!

HoTS: What drew you to the horror genre versus other types of film?
HJM: I've always had an affinity for scary movies, and after making one I discovered all the fun involved with the process. Once I started going to conventions, meeting people and making friends, I knew the community was unlike any other. I fell in love with the genre because I fell in love with the filmmakers, actors, and fans of horror films. I couldn't be more lucky to have met and worked with the people I have in recent years and on movie sets.

HoTS: Do you have a favorite monster or subgenre, aka zombie, vampire, slasher, etc?
HJM: I don't discriminate against any subgenre, so I love zombie movies as much as vampire movies, I've played a werewolf character before so I have a soft spot for those kind of movies. I love a good slasher, too, an iconic evil character and gory kills make for the best kind. I will say a good horror comedy can really make my day. I have yet to play a vampire or zombie, so I hope someday I can add those to my resume and grow more appreciation for the characters.

HoTS: You mentioned conventions. Any favorites or memorable convention experiences?
HJM: I love horror conventions! They are some of my biggest highlights of the year. I go to Horrorhound, Days of the Dead, and Cinema Wasteland all throughout the year. My favorite memories fom conventions are when movies I am involved in are screened. It's always an amazing experience to see my projects revealed to the world and to watch an audience react to something I worked so hard on. Eat It Up, Headless, CarousHELL, and Hunters have all been screened at conventions. Other than the screenings, I love all the people I get to meet, and the fans are the best people. Seeing how others support me and stay interested in my work is a very memorable experience.

HoTS: Where can we see your work? Are your films available on DVD? VoD?
HJM: I have movies available all over the place, for VoD and DVD. I personally have copies of Haunted House on Sorority Row, Scarewaves, Headless, and Babysitter Massacre and am selling them via Paypal. I take orders through social media and email. There is also Hunters through Massacre Video, CarousHell from its own website, Kill That Bitch from Dustin Mills Productions, Chopping Block through Amazon.com. Eat It Up and Onlooker are available to stream on Vimeo.com.

HoTS: Do you have a fan page, Twitter, or Instagram where your fans can connect with you?
HJM: I mainly use my Facebook and Instagram for both personal and professional use. I prefer to use Instagam for posting and updates and Facebook for personal communication. You can look for me as@haleyjayhorror or just my name Haley Jay Madison. I prefer to deal with bookings and work through my email address: haleyjayhorror@gmail.com

HoTS: Are you working on anything right now?
HJM: I don't have any projects in motion right now, but my gears are always winding and I'm always on the lookout for more work. I'm currently waiting on a ton of projects to finish with post-production and be released. I am so excited for what the future brings and when I get to see all the films I have helped make in the past couple years. Since I have nothing major booked, I've been trying to concentrate more on modeling and photography.

Haley Jay Madison

HoTS: What're your pastimes outside of acting/filmmaking?
HJM: I do have a few hobbies outside of filmmaking like getting crafty, cooking, and watching movies of course! In the past few weeks, I've done my fair share of sewing after receiving a piece of clothing that was awesome but way too big! I sewed the image onto a sweatshirt that fit and added a few patches and pins. I also have been playing around with baking and cooking, with Thanksgiving coming and going. I try and watch as many movies as I can, and Hulu has been a new outlet for me to find some new flicks. My most recent viewing was The Voices with Ryan Reynolds and let me tell you, it was a good watch!

HoTS: Besides acting, you're also a producer. Do you want to direct someday or do you prefer being in front of the camera?
HJM: Ever since I got into this business, I have had my eye on directing. I would love to make a film with a powerful female lead and plenty of effects make up. I still think I have a lot to learn before I go behind the camera and acting gives me a lot of knowledge on how to make the movies the right and wrong way. I do wish to make my own feature someday, but for now I'm happy just being involved in the independent horror industry!

I want to thank Haley Jay Madison for taking the time to chat with us. Make sure you check her out on Instagram, and watch some of her movies whether on Amazon, Hulu or DVD. We will be following her career and wishing her all the best! Expect to hear more from this rising star of the Indy scene.

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