HALLOWEEN HORRORS: The Evil Dead (1981)

I Love You, Bruce

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Bruce Campbell The Evil Dead

Excuse me sir or ma'am do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Bruce Campbell? Now that you know where I stand, my over abundance of swooning won't be confusing to you.

I genuinely love this movie and its sequels. Literally everything about this movie is amazing, down to the claymation monster(s) meltdown at the end (SPOILER ALERT*) - or is it the end?

Quick synopsis: Ash (Bruce Campbell), another guy, and three ladies go out into a cabin in the woods. The other's names are Scott, Cheryl, Shelly, and Linda - but that doesn't matter. They are out to enjoy a relaxing getaway-from-the-city mini vay-cay. However, they end up awakening an ancient evil. You know, typical weekend stuff.

Things go awry rather quickly when what's-her-face #1 (it's Cheryl. I think. Yes. Definitely Cheryl, because that is Bruce's, er, Ash's sister, anyways-) she gets her hand possessed and then decides to go looking for non-existent people in the woods. Did I mention the reading of (H.P. Lovecraft's) Necronomicon immediately preceding this? No? Doesn't matter. Bruce Campbell.

Speaking of Bruce Campbell, his acting is superb in The Evil Dead. It was before he went all ham and campy in the sequels (which I also love), and shows a real transformation from affable nerd to survivor bad ass.

I love this movie because it was the first movie I saw showcasing the amazing talents of one Mr. Bruce Campbell, but I also love this movie for everything it has to offer. The gore, the settings, the camerawork - Raimi invented a shaky cam for the project because they couldn't afford a steady-cam - it all just works. I love the do-it-yourself feel of the project because you can tell it was a labor of love, and you STILL get lost in the movie while you watch it. It's the movie that influenced me to go into acting and play around with special effects makeup. I'm not an (paid) actress or a special effects artist, but if I didn't watch this movie I might have never learned that I enjoy doing doing both of those things. So go and watch it again. I know that I will.

10/10 perfect chins

*Seriously - I feel as though if I have to tag a thirty-five year old movie with spoiler warnings, especially one that is as awesome as The Evil Dead, then I probably should include a Parental Warning for the explicit use of the word fuck, as in: Why the fuck haven't you seen this fucking movie?!

Posted by Alan Smithee

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