POETRY: Halloween Night

By John Roisland

Halloween Night

The sun lays dying into the night on a quiet little town

Halloween night is now upon us

the moon comes up from behind the skeleton shaped trees

a cackling woman flies to the night as you hear a distant howling at the moon

spirits of the dead rise from the grave from nearby cemeteries to occupy the hearts of the young

proper attire is worn as an offering to the dead

the anticipation of the town folk is building as their homes are decorated and prepared for the invasion they are about to live witness to.

the slight chill in the air the crisp cold night is upon us

you can now hear the wind begin to scream as is whips around the bare trees that stand tall and dark as they watch over you

the sounds of rustling dead leaves as small demons trample through them going house-to-house begging and screaming

distant laughter as the elders gather around open bon fires sipping on holiday spirits and witches brew in resemblance of covens from years ago

a jack o' lantern's sinister grin

Halloween night is now upon us

the smell of smoke and burning autumn leaves fills the air

little hearts race as they run the streets so full of excitement and angst

young demons watch as their take gets larger and larger with every stop

the night grows late and the air gets cold

a deafening silence begins to fall over the town

the feet of little demons exhausted from their rampage of terrorizing homes in the sleepy little town

the moon stands still in the far distance as the spirits return to their graves

sleep now young demons and dream the dark dreams of monsters, vampires, and witches

awaken again next year to dance yet again in celebration with the spirits of the dead

for this is Halloween night

Keep it Evil...

Posted by John Roisland

Horror fan bringing my love for the genre to world in as many forms I can- website, podcast, vlogs, and coming soon, producer! Through this, I am living my nightmarish dreams. Join me.... if you can handle it!

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