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HORROR NEWS: Unfriended 2 Coming Soon?

In 2015, Unfriended hit theaters to mixed reviews but a commercial success, grossing over $16 million on opening weekend and over $31 million world-wide – not a bad take for a film with an estimated budget of only $1 million. Shortly thereafter, rumors began about a sequel having been approved and that Nelson Greaves, writer of the original, was penning it. Since then, little else has been revealed save for an unconfirmed rumored that Jennifer Lawrence was attached. Until now.
Unfriended, which was directed by Levan Gabriadze (billed as Leo Gabriadze) and starred Heather Sossaman, Matthew Bohrer, and Courtney Halverson, followed a group of friends in an online chat room who are haunted by someone – or something – using the account of their dead friend. As mentioned earlier, reviews were mixed, with most either loving or hating and few being indifferent.
Today, Horrorfreak News reported that they had confirmed the long-dead rumor that Unfriended 2 was to be. According to their sources, Unfriended 2 was filmed in secrecy and screened to test audiences who signed nondisclosure forms. Initial reactions, so they said, are positive and have created quite a bit of a wave in the horror community. While Unfriended 2 has an IMDb listing, it shows only the writer, still listed as Nelson Greaves, and the summary:
Following the events after the first one, Blaire is going through deep depression & is tormented by everyone for causing Laura's death, a triggering event causes Blaire to think Laura is back.
House of Tortured Souls will keep you posted as we learn more about Unfriended 2.
If you’ve not seen the first, check out the ten minute extended preview, and let us know what you think. Do you want a sequel? Are you ready for one?

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