Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: A Stranger Among the Living

A Stranger Among the Living is a horror-thriller written and directed by Chris Moore. It stars Meredith Mohler, Jake Milton, Chris Wesley, Victoria Posey, and Mandy Kate Myers. A teacher sees the dead after luckily avoiding a horrific school shooting. This was an outstanding film with some really great visuals. The story was a bit confusing at times and the lighting was a little much. Also, the acting felt forced in a few areas. However, they did an excellent job of building tension and the special effects were fantastic. The music added to the looming atmosphere, tightening the mood like a noose, and the directing and editing were really well done. A Stranger Among the Living is gruesome and unrelenting. It’s violent, dark and mean spirited. It’s a bizarre, brooding film with tons of talent and a lot of promise. If you’re looking for an offbeat and unconventional genre film, give this one spin. It’s unsettling and frightening, and will seriously mess with your head. 

Posted by Donovan Smith

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