Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: Blood Tulips 2019

Blood Tulips is a 2019 horror thriller written by Bouvier, John Van Harlingen, and Jeffery Tung, and directed by Randy Kent and John Luksetich. It stars Johnson Cooley, Katie Kline, Bouvier, Marty Hrejsa and Thom Rachford. A woman searches for her missing sister in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. This was a bizarre, abnormal type of film. While it was extremely enjoyable and entertaining, it felt as if it was a mix of several different styles all spliced together into one. The story’s a bit flimsy and there are a few issues with the sound. Also, the acting is a tad rough at times. However, there are some awesome characters and it’s an exciting little throwback to Italian giallo films from the 70s. John Luksetich was fantastic as the Black Tulip killer. He was super creepy, channeling his inner Silent Bob. The costumes and makeup were great and the angles, lighting, and coloring are excellent. The best thing about the film though, is the phenomenal score, reminiscent of the 1977 Argento classic, Suspiria. It’s intoxicating and honestly just so much fun. Blood Tulips is thrilling, horrific and unique. It has a lot of heart and it’s the perfect addition for fans of the giallo/slasher sub genre. It’s quirky and original and a really intriguing piece of indie cinema. Give this one a look if you can, it’s definitely worth it.

Posted by Donovan Smith

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