Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: The Barge People 2018

The Barge People is a 2018 horror film written by Christopher Lombard and directed by Charlie Steeds. It stars Kate Davies-Speak, Mark McKirdy, Makenna Guyper, Natalie Martins, Matt Swales, Emma Spurgin Hussey, Sam Lane, Carl Andersson, David Lenik and Kane Surry. A pair of couples vacationing on a barge find themselves in a fight for their lives as they battle a family of mutant fish people while traveling the beautiful British countryside.

This is what horror is all about. Its Wrong Turn meets Dagon in this gloriously grotesque masterpiece. I fucking loved everything about this film. The practical effects are top-notch and the makeup is excellent. The costumes are solid and the acting really helps sell the film. The directing is great and you get a sense that the filmmakers truly understand horror. Their use of angles and attention to detail is incredible.

The music is fantastic and really sets the tone of the film. It’s intense and impactful, and really amplifies the violence. Kate Davies-Speak is terrific as the final girl. Her performance proves she’s one to watch and definitely a scream queen on the rise. She navigated the film flawlessly, commanding the reins.

The Barge People is absolutely brilliant. It’s the perfect addition to the slasher sub genre. It’s a practical gore filled gem with franchise potential. Pure midnight movie madness, worthy of a slew of sequels. Do not miss this film. If there’s a screening anywhere near you, go see it.

Posted by Donovan Smith

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