Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: The Final Ride 2019

The Final Ride is a 2019 horror anthology written and directed by Mike McMurran. It stars Keegan Chambers, Annette Wozniak, Matthew Chisholm, Brent Baird, Nicole Kawalez, Geoff Almond, Ry Barrett, Joseph Claude Dubois, Steve Kasan, Ali Chappell and Julie C.Sheppard. Three horrifying tales of the macabre including fitness, tattoos, and rideshares. 

I really enjoyed this anthology. Each story is sick and hilarious, and they all deal with current themes in today’s society. There’s some seriously frightening subject matter, and the gore and special effects are excellent. The acting was surprisingly good and the whole film is shot very well. It’s a fun little flick that plays on your nerves. 

The Final Ride is dark, disturbing and horrifically fun. It’s one hell of an entertaining ride. It’s ruthless, original, and extremely creepy. If you’re in the mood for something unique and sinister, give this one a spin. It’s a wickedly good time.

Posted by Donovan Smith

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