How Horror movies have influenced music? Part I: Interview to The Crimson Ghost a Horror Punk Band by The Killer Nun



        • The Love for Rock’N’Roll has always been an influence on me through old horror films, specially 80’s.
          Going back to The Return of the Living Dead soundtrack which featured Grave 45’s It’s Party Time blew my mind, and it still does after all these years. Coming to it, everything started with The Misfits, young punk rockers singing about 50’s, 60’s 70’s Sci-Fi, and horror B-Films carved a path to other bands with same taste for these genres to create their own masterpieces. Here, I present to you to The Crimson Ghost, other Horror Punk Rockers from Italy expressing themselves
          using Classic Punk Rock with Horror Themed melodies.
        • House Of Tortured Souls would like to do an interview to you since you are a horror-related band.
        • HOTS: What is the name of the Band?
        • The Crimson Ghost: The Crimson Ghost
        • HOTS: What genre is your band?
        • The Crimson Ghost: Horror Fucking Punk!!
        • HOTS: What year was the band founded?
        • The Crimson Ghost: 2012
        • HOTS: Which country are you from?
        • The Crimson Ghost: We’re from Bergamo, Italy
        • HOTS: Who are the members of the band?
        • The Crimson Ghost:
          Charas Evildead (Voice)

        • Von Satan (Guitar)

        • Hellremita (Bass)

        • Werewolf Hostile (Drum)
        • HOTS: Do you have an album released?, If so,How many songs, and their names?
        • The Crimson Ghost: Our first album is “Tits and Bones” , it contains 10 songs along with instrumental intro and outro (… And a little surprise).The Swap Song Pt.1
          Voodo Zulu
          Starway to Zombie
          Hellfire Club
          H.O.D. (Long Hair of Dead)
          Burn Your Eyes
          NY Pork
          The Swap Sond Pt.2
        • HOTS: Which are your influences(each member)?
        • The Crimson Ghost: We’re Influenced by Black Sabbath, Misfits, Rob Zombie and Fleetwood Mac!Has your band toured nationally, internationally?Nowadays only toured nationally, but we’re planning to do some gigs outside Italy for next year
        • HOTS: What are your plans for the future?
        • The Crimson Ghost: We’re writing some new songs for our new EP and we hope to finsh the work by autumn.Of course we’ll realize a new video as well.
        • HOTS: What are your top 10 horror films?
        • The Crimson Ghost: Our singer is the band’s horror movie addictded, so here is her list: All Hitchcock movies, because he is the master!

        • The devils (Ken Russel)

        • Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polansky)

        • Burnt offering (Dan Curtis)

        • Black Sabbath (Mario Bava)
          Hammer production horror movie

        • Evildead (Sam Raimi)

        • The house of 1000 corpes (Rob Zombie)
        • Bad Taste (Peter Jackson)

        • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Tobe Hooper)
        • HOTS: What is your favorite song from your album?
        • The Crimson Ghost: How can you choose among your children? 😛
        • HOTS: Provide any advice for new bands that are staring.
        • The Crimson Ghost: Just believe strongly in what you want to do!
        • HOTS: Anything you’d like to say to the House of Tortured Souls enthusiasts?
        • The Crimson Ghost: We are pleased to see your appreciation to our work, as well we appreciate your work on House of Tortured souls.Thanks for the interview and stay tuned for more news about

        • HOTS: We appreciate the time you provided us for this interview, keep on Rocking!

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