I’m Just F*cking With You (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Once a month I look forward to the new episode released from the Into the Dark series on Hulu, and the seventh episode I’m Just F*cking With You did not disappoint.

Adam Mason who is the director of this episode has turned the favorite pranking holiday into a perfect blend of dark, twisted “jokes” mixed with murder. It stars Hayes MacArthur (Super Troopers 2, A Haunted House 2) as Chester Conklin— a sleazeball motel manager and bartender at the Pink Motel and Lounge,  who has a sinister smile and awful humor. Chester goes too far this time with his guest Larry (Keir O’Donnell—The Runaways, American Sniper). Larry is a timid individual who also is a stickler when it comes to being neat and is pretty much a loner. He’s traveling to attend one’s wedding of his ex-lover. Don’t let his quietness and timidness fool you, with quite the alter-ego online. He created the name ProgrammingFlaw3489 where he posts crude and offensive, insulting comments, he’s a troll if you will. 

When Larry arrives to the Pink Motel and Lounge, he is greeted by Chester behind the bar. Larry is exhausted and is waiting for his sister Rachel (Jessica McNameeSirens, The Meg) to arrive, in that process after introducing each other, Chester immediately starts crossing the line with his obscene and horrid humor. After each “prank” is where he announces his catch phrase ‘I’m just fucking with you.’ 

With Rachel not responding to any of his texts or calls, Larry becomes very concerned that something has happened to her. After calling her again and calling the police, Rachel finally shows at the hotel, and that is where Chester goes out of control on the siblings. 

Without giving it away completely, with the majority of the film being focused on just Larry and Chester, you start to see how their characters compliment each other. In a sleaze-ball maniac kind of way. My heart was racing to listen to each comment Chester would make to Larry because it was not a straightforward answer, it had to be drawled out, and a dangerous situation turned into a light joke. It had the perfect amount of raw senseless humor, torture, and blood. It was cheesy yet brilliantly done. 

 Check out the trailer below, and if you have not been caught up in this anthology yet then you are in luck, they are all up on Hulu in the order you should be watching. ⬇️⬇️

Posted by Sarah Gregory

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