Jaws: The Remake (You know this will be personal)

Reports are saying this will be a broad adaptation of Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel of the same name, taking us back to the summer resort town of Amity Island and its smorgasbord of shark-bait tourists. There’s not a lot of information yet. However, We Got This Covered, reports that Universal is hopeful Steven Spielberg will produce.

Steven Spielberg said in a 2015 Deadline interview

I would never remake one of my movies – starting with Jaws – but there are Amblin titles in the library that could inspire new stories that were made popular by the films. There isn’t a single title that I’ve earmarked, but yes, I would like to. I will be discussing that with Jeff (Skoll) and Ronnie (Meyer) and Donna (Langley). I would never remake Jaws.”

There isn’t currently a director reports are saying Universal is looking at It director Andy Muschietti.

I believe by 2015 we were supposed to be on, Great Scoot, Jaws 19. However, there hasn’t been a plethora of memorable shark movies. With the dumbing down of this sub-genre, I feel like 1999’s Deep Blue Sea was the last decent ‘mainstream’ efforts with our dorsal finned friend(s). A couple of current polls I’m running on good old social media seems to indicate most folks would rather see the great white remake stay sunken, down with Ben Gardner’s boat.

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