Jennifer Nangle: WiHM Interview

It’s that glorious time again, celebrating all badass women in horror and I had the opportunity to interview my favorite person again, type of essay formats master thesis entrepreneurship here viagra company phone number viagra bad stories source link write me world affairs essays custom essay meister children of a lesser god viagra uk how it works buy thesis get link best email resume format cover letter office work examples cheap law essay writing service uk voveran sr 100 punishment essay master thesis list of content thesis rationale follow url sat essay paper thesis office tamuВ esl research paper ghostwriters service for university proofreading services free writing services websites here viagra kaufen nrw viagra drug information pdf professional resume writing services in nj college research paper help Jennifer Nangle— also known as Malvolia the Queen of Screams. Jennifer is a very talented woman and is the real deal in the horror genre. She was incredibly sweet for allowing me to ask questions second time around and taking the time to answer them to allow us to see what she has in store for us this year.

Sarah Gregory: What does this Women in horror month mean to you?
Jennifer Nangle:  A celebration of women who hold all different positions in the horror genre. A time where we are not just seen as “final girls” and “scream queens”, but for all the talent we all possess on all different levels.

SG:  Since we last spoke, you had your hands full with 10/31 Part 2 and Paranoia Tapes 5. What can you tell us about your experience with both projects?

With Paranoia Tapes 5, Jack Hunter sent me a script and gave me full control over the script/filming. I immediately rewrote parts of the wrap around story to make it have a killer ending and connect it to the first one. I was lucky enough to bring on and work with some of my really great friends. I played a lot with the mood of the scenes. It’s a no budget feature, but we already got accepted into a film festival. Who knows what’s next for that!

10/31 Part 2 I was brought on as the familiar horror hostess face and intro/outro’d the film. I wish I could have done more, but time was not on my side… I got to work with Red Rabbit Productions, whom I worked with on The Boneyard Effects webseries with. I think that is the best part of indie horror, you get introduced with people, you click, you stay friends for life. I’ve been really fortunate to have so many people not only want to work with me again and again, but they believe in me, my talent, and work.

SGYou also have been hard at work with Inverted, Desert Moon, and Paranormal (Unholy) Attraction. What challenges if any did you face on each set? With having that many projects together, do you find that each one had a different affect on you?

JN: Desert Moon was incredibly up lifting, supportive, and I was able to just be in the moment. All I had to do was act. ThomasHaley really spoiled me with that during production (i.e. no producing, social media, etc). Everyone fulfilled their duties and then some. We were a team. Being on location for eights days in a desert was eye opening. I learned my strengths, weaknesses, and how to keep going at 4AMwhen we are fighting the sun rise. I filmed Desert Moon and ParanormalAttraction within two weeks of one another. Not much of a break, but just enough to memorize lines, get wardrobe together, and change up characters. Paranormal Attraction was a quick 8 hour day shoot for me. 
I took a lot of what I learned from being on Desert Moon to Inverted. I was on location for two weeks! This was a slower paced filming schedule than I was used to and I feel it was a good thing since the July mid-west heat and humidity literally knocked the life out of me for a couple days. Also, I got really sick during that shoot and I was lucky during this process for cast and crew to quickly become family. Everyone cared and loved one another very deeply and we were all supportive of one another. So, yes, each one did have a different effect on me, but I feel every film set is completely different and will get you through one way or another. I was lucky to have my best friend Charles with me during Desert Moon and Paranormal Attraction and Hannah, Kacey, Deryk, and Jeremy during the down times of Inverted, not to mention all the directors on all of these films were supportive and caring. I am really lucky to always been surrounded by amazing people who care about me. Sometimes set life can be incredibly lonely. 
SG: Do you have any new advice that you would give women entering this industry?

JN: Just do it. Don’t make excuses – just pick up the camera and do it. Also, you have your own original voice. Stay true to who you are! Trust your gut! 

SG: With the success of Malvolia, what can we expect to see from her this year?

JN: I’m not really sure, honestly… Season three was a tough one for me creatively and I didn’t receive many shorts to host. Being an indie one-woman show, one really has to rely on the help of the audience sharing and posting… Not much of that happened and I felt that maybe people were sick of her. I had been approached numerous times to tell the origin story of Malvolia and I really want to try and reach a wider audience. I started to write a feature film based on Malvolia’s journey. I can write short films all day long, but features are such a different story. It’s already been a slow process, but I would really like to start filming it by the end of the year. I will always make a Halloween Special, but we’ll see what happens if there is even a complete Season Four. 

SG: What projects do you have up your sleeve for this year? 

I have a lot releasing this year… “Inverted” where I play Woman #1, the right hand woman to a cult leader. This film is super dark, evil, and grungy… I cannot wait to see what Deranged Minds Entertainment does with it. “Paranormal Attraction” is a quick cameo, but you’ll see me in a different light. But my favorite, “Desert Moon” will be released where I play the trophy housewife along side actor/director Thomas Haley and actress Sarah French. Again, you’ll see me in a different light and it is my first lead in a feature I filmed. Such a beautiful location with a lot of hard working people. 

I start filming Dustin Ferguson’sThe Last Roommate” along side Julie Anne Prescott in a couple weeks. This one is definitely out of my comfort zone and I am so excited for this challenge… I have always had an insecurity with my body (I mean, what woman doesn’t?) and I’ve started to work out so I don’t have to think about that and just focus on the work. I’m also gearing up to film with Dustin “The Hell of the Screaming Undead” along side Mike Ferguson, Lynn Lowry, Jasper Cole, and Vida Ghaffari. This cast is pumped to get started and everyone just seems so supportive of one another. Plus, it’ll be my first Zombie flick!!!

I’m also attached to a secret project as Malvolia. I approached one of the producers and he passed along my name to the director  WHO KNEW WHO MALVOLIA WAS! Can you believe that? A man I don’t know knew the character I created. That was so amazing to hear. I’m very excited to get started!
Check out Jennifer’s reel below: ⬇️⬇️

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