Kong vs Godzilla

King Kong vs Godzilla: Is It Coming?

By Dixielord

It's the battle that Kajiu fans have been waiting for and it's looking like King Kong vs Godzilla might actually happen in a few years. The two behemoths have met in a Japanese production back in 1962. However, with the success of 2014's Godzilla reboot, and a new King Kong movie coming in 2017, time is ripe for a new mash up. News this week that Legendary Pictures is moving its Kong: Skull Island film to Warner Brothers, home to the rebooted Godzilla franchise, seems to confirm a match-up is is in the works.

King Kong vs Godzilla is still little more than a rumor, but Kong: Skull Island seems to be moving full steam ahead. Already Tom Hiddleston (Thor, Avengers), Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton), and Brie Larson (Trainwreck) are attached, and it's rumored Samuel L Jackson is being considered for a role. The film is set to be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and is currently in pre-production.

Meanwhile, Kong's potential punching bag, Godzilla, isn't being ignored. Director Garth Edwards has a sequel to his 2014 hit scheduled for 2018. In an interview with Collider magazine he hinted that Godzilla 2 would be “bigger and better”, leading many to believe it will feature more monster on monster action. One of the few complaints of Godzilla was the lack of monster battle, compared to human drama.

Meanwhile Toho Studios, owner of the Godzilla trademark, has their own Godzilla reboot scheduled for 2016. The film will not be connected to the American Godzilla series or the proposed King Kong vs Godzilla but rather a standalone film. Toho is promising that their Godzilla will be the largest version of the monster ever seen on film.

Combing the two movie mega monsters seems like a logical thing to do, especially with the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, I have to wonder with both Kong and Godzilla under the Legendary banner, could we see more collaborations? Legendary's other Kaiju property Pacific Rim was distributed by Warner Brothers, and a sequel is planned for 2017. The Sequel, Pacific Rim: Maelstrom, is currently set to be distributed by Universal, but could it be moved back? Surely someone at Warner can see the potential of a large interconnected Kaiju Universe? Or maybe I'm just getting my hopes up.

For now, it's all still really early, but the King Kong reboot, and Godzilla sequel seem to be a sure thing. A King Kong vs Godzilla could, however, depend on the success of one, or both of these films. Personally, I'd love to see the match up. It might not be high cinema, but it should be a hell of a fun movie.

Posted by Allen Alberson

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Im all for more big monsters on the BIG screen! Can’t wait to see this and all the other Big G movies that will be coming out in the future!!!

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