For many people, the upcoming holiday season is a time of peace and love for mankind. For the rest of us, there is a wonderful horror element to this peaceful holiday. December 6 is traditionally recognized as St Nicholas Day and marks the start of the holiday season. For many people, December 5th is the day of Krampus.  Many areas in Austria kick off the season with a nighttime parade to celebrate Krampus and his evil elves. People who participate often dress up in thick robes, wear masks and carry heavy bells in order to scare the young children who have been naughty. Even though it is originally based on pagan rituals, the loud noises are said to help scare away the dark spirits of winter.

What or who is Krampus? He is the evil twin of Santa Claus who punishes naughty children who have misbehaved over the year. Krampus is often described as a creature who is half demon and half goat with an ox tail often clothed in thick robes. The story of Krampus is based on folk lore and legend and is often associated with pagan rituals and ceremonies. Krampus brings the punishments for the naughty children while Santa brings the presents for the good children.

The Krampus Festival is now on my bucket list! While I can’t afford a last minute flight to Salsburg, Austria, I hope to one day fly out to celebrate this festival. Until then, I will continue to watch the videos and enjoy the parades from my living room.

Posted by Graveyard Girl

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