Listen To The Calling Hours Horror Podcast From The Beginning!

As we head towards the premiere of new episodes, you can now listen to these 10 episodes from the very beginning of The Calling Hours Horror Podcast, now on House Of Tortured Souls! Keep in mind these are seven years old but know as the podcast progressed, the quality continued to improve as well as the content. When new episodes premiere expect FM quality sound with all the bells and whistles!

Hosted by Michael “Dedman” Jones, The Calling Hours was a very popular podcast that aired for several years as part of Horror Society Radio and Morbidly Beautiful Radio. We feature insightful and thought provoking interviews with actors, actresses, producers, directors, and FX artists, as well as in depth reviews of Blu-Rays and DVDs and the best in new and classic metal artists. No subject in the genre is off limits, and we always asked the questions few others would dare. Now we are a part of House of Tortured Souls!

You can also listen to us on Anchor and Spotify!

It will be #BeautifullyMorbid!

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