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With only limited resources to Horror such as video stores. Collecting anything Horror was scarce. Not to say it wasn’t available, but the world of Horror was still new to me. Reading the back covers for horror movies remembering the pics and plot gave me the knowledge that can hold up with my friends. I yearned for owning a piece of horror memorabilia even if it was a replica. Of course, we had the staples here and there, which eventually became a gateway for other items. Flea markets became my go-to to learn about horror, buying old VHS tapes. Another source was going to the book stores sitting down and reading horror magazines for free. To every horror magazine reading this, I was a kid with little to no income. Sorry.

It wasn’t until later when the internet took off. Websites provided some cool stuff and some bizarre stuff, however with it being new it was still a gamble on finding horror stuff to own. In the early days of the internet, social media wasn’t massive; you had to go to chat rooms or even forums to get anything, and it wasn’t so much reliable. At times I was on my own or just looking up the ads in horror magazines.

With the rise of social media, I eventually stumbled upon perhaps my favorite website to purchase stuff. House of Mysterious secrets. At first, it started with a few items, but I couldn’t help myself with all their great deals and offers for customers. I felt at home, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was amazed by so many posters, especially with the dimensions of 11×17, which means more posters to hang. The store has been around for a while, offering fantastic customer service.

I usually tend to talk to local haunts in my area, but with the Halloween season coming up I couldn’t help, but give credit where credit is due. Maybe you heard of them, or perhaps you haven’t. Being a customer with them, I never had a problem everything has been shipped in excellent condition with enough care and stickers to inform my delivery will be taken care of it even if it’s something small or something big. Kevin, the man behind House of Mysterious secrets, thinks of the customer as if he was in your shoes and wants to make sure you have an enjoyable experience. I got the chance to speak to him about the man behind the house of mysterious secrets:

JA: How long has House of Mysterious Secrets been in business? 

HOMS: I’ve been doing this since 2004 – initially, the name was a bit more benign; I called it “Kevin’s Collectibles.” Because at first, I mainly sold comic books. That only lasted a few months. Soon I made the full switch to Horror. “House of Mysterious Secrets” was a mash-up of two DC comic books that I was a fan of House of Mystery and House of Secrets. Combining the two felt like cool little tribute…I never had a long time plan. It was just something to do for fun.

JA: Do you feel that with the store it’s helping fans of old and young where they’re able to learn about the past and present of Horror. 

HOMS: What a fascinating question. I’m afraid I’ll only have to speculate on this. Trying to figure out what exactly to offer on the website is often a gamble. I try to curate various aspects of the horror genre, hoping that the things I provide will be of interest to both hardcore and casual fans. Again, just guessing here, I would have to say that the majority of my customers tend to be newer fans of the genre. The older, more deep-rooted fans, tend to be the minority. But…again, I don’t know. It’s hard to gauge this. I am impressed continuously though when I put orders together for customers, and I see just how many do enjoy the obscure stuff; that always makes me feel good.

JA: What would be your holy grail for your collection, or what would be the holy grail of collector items for the store? 

HOMS: Holy Grail. Ha! Can I choose multiple ones!? Let me pick a few, that range from different types of collectibles. Toy: At the moment, I’d have to say it’s my Shogun Godzilla. Not exactly rare, but I’m pleased to have it, and in such good condition. I’ve had since the mid-90s. LP Records. I have 100+ LP soundtracks, and perhaps the two that would fall under grails would be the original pressing of Night of the Living Dead, and this bootleg release of the Italian gorefest Burial Ground. I sold my Evil Dead lp a few years ago…something I continuously regret. I also have the original Italian release of the soundtrack Demons which is autographed by Claudio Simonetti, Lamberto Bava, and Bobby Rhodes. Uhh…and I have a lot of cool stuff autographed by Dario Argento; if I may throw that in there. Last, but not least…one of my biggest, personal holy grails is a jigsaw puzzle of the Loch Ness Monster that came out in 1981 (I think) – I have a sealed one that in perfect shape. It’s a tough one to find, and it means a lot to me because I once had it when I was a little kid.”

That’s what I love about this store. Given it only has a physical booth at cons. Target may be the undisputed champion of Halloween decor and items, but that month goes by so quickly. Kevin has his shop open 24/7 with pre-orders, offers, and even an active social media to keep customers in the loop. He also writes the newsletters informing the customers and personally takes care of any issues you may have with an order. Not to say it always happens, but if it does, Kevin is there to help. House of mysterious secrets may be an online website, but wherever you are, it’s a local haunt and worth the trip for your Halloween needs regardless of the month. Plus if you see them at a convention say hi and buy an item or two!

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