[Local Haunts] Paradox Rei the voice of alternative drag

Pride month is over, but we celebrate it every day as well as taking a stand and making sure voices are heard every day. That is why I am proud to talk about another Local haunt. This time was focusing on one Paradox Rei.

Paradox has been the primary voice for the alternative drag of artists. Say artists in the sense that Paradox focuses more on the creativity and idea of drag being for expression and the sound the artists deserve.

Shawn Benet may have created a home for alternative drag, but Paradox Rei has been the parental unit or the voice for others who deserve it. Truth be told I am glad to see somebody saying something. Growing up being queer or anything out of the norm was almost comical? Which was sad because performers of race and gender were often pushed aside as if they were the monster children, the unmentionables of society when they deserve the same treatment and respect as others. Paradox has always been my hero in the art of drag.

Remember seeing them perform to “Hooked on a feeling” at a small club dressed as Groot. Yup, Groot from Guardians of the galaxy. It was then that I fell in love with the artistry of Paradox. Drag was always one way for me and again not pointing fingers or blame, but there was little to no voice for other performers such as drag kings, or even CIS females who wanted to do drag as well. Paradox stepped in and became their voice.

It is hard to get proper representation in movies, TV, and even drag. Not talking about manager wise, but actual credit where one can say, yes this is who I am but judge me by work, not by the color of my skin, sexual identity, or gender. The topic has become taboo and even controversial to the point it is swept under the rug. Under that carpet, those secrets have become known for embracing their pure form. The Paradox is just that voice to be heard. As loud as their outfits may be, their sound is even louder for every single person who wanted to be heard.

Not only Paradox has been the center of this story, but also their show Omnipotence where shows are free showcasing all the talent that not only San Antonio, but so many other performers have graced the stage at Web House. Even Dragula alumni XOCHI MOCHI to competitions (Dragrantula) to having their show, Paradox has been an angry voice and will continue to be the voice for others who deserve to be heard.

Paradox has an upcoming show this Saturday night along with a show at Six Flags for Out in the park.

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