Looks like Tales from the hood has another chapter for us

When the first Tales from the Hood came out, it brought forth a new gritty, creepy and topical horror movie dealing with issues that are sadly still relevant today. The film was a classic cult hit among fans, so naturally, a sequel was needed….about 23 years later. The sequel came out direct to Blu ray, DVD and vod starring Keith David as the new storyteller “Portify Simms.”

Production weekly reported the information on Tales from the hood 3 and It’s been stated that the film will begin production this year in the fall and be released for next year marking the 25th anniversary. There’s no word on what exactly will be the plot, but knowing the previous films. The same social commentary that still showcases the amount of horror we as a society endure. The film will have Spike Lee, and writers/directors/producers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott. No word yet on the plot.

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