In Memoriam: Jason “Egg” Brown

Jason "Egg" Brown
Gone, But Never Forgotten

By The Crimson Executioner

Egg with Mod Ghoul, who left us in July of 2015.

Egg with Mod Ghoul, who left us in July of 2015

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I announce the passing of my good friend and fellow Vortexx staff member Jason "Egg" Brown, who died Monday morning just a few weeks short of his fortieth birthday. According to his Facebook page, Jason was born in Hell, Michigan, and was living in Hell, Norway at the time of his passing. Of course, his friends all know that was just a manifestation of Jason's unique sense of humor. In actuality, he grew up in the town of Anderson, Indiana, graduating from Madison Heights High School in 1995. A year earlier he met Erin Cross, the love of his life. They were married in 2001 and had two beautiful and charming children, Noah and Abbie. I had the pleasure of meeting Jason and his family for the first time at the Cincinnati HorrorHound Convention in March 2013. Jason was a devoted father, and it was obvious to me that his children (including his daughter Savannah from a previous relationship) were a major part of his life.

I had known Jason for about two years before we finally met face-to-face in Cincinnati. As with many of my friends, we met for the first time in the Vortexx chat room. As best I can remember, he began coming around in 2011 and soon became a "Vortexx regular." On February 15, 2012, he formerly joined the Vortexx staff as a chat host. In addition to his hosting duties, Jason was an all-around utility man for The Vortexx. Among other things, he was actively involved in the set-up and the manning of The Vortexx table at numerous HHW conventions. Although our backgrounds could not have been more different, I immediately "hit it off" with Jason when I finally met him in Cincinnati. In fact, I don't remember ever feeling so comfortable around someone I had never met in my life.

Jason lived life in the fast lane. He was a hard-drinking, hard-smoking kind of guy, and he had a reputation for being something of a "party animal" at conventions. Undoubtedly his finest moment was at the 2014 HHW convention in Cincinnati when he got drunk and did a striptease and dance to a video of Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" Vortexxans still talk about it to this very day, and even now as I write, someone is furiously digging up a clip of Jason's "finest moment" to air as part of our tribute show.

Jason enjoyed a variety of music, especially heavy metal, with Black Sabbath and Megadeth probably being his favorite groups. Rumor has it that he once threw a drink at Glenn Danzig. In politics he was a staunch Libertarian, and he lost a number of Facebook friends because of his outspoken political views. As far as I'm concerned, it was their loss to let politics get in the way of friendship. Life dealt Jason some hard cards. He never had much money, he ran through a succession of jobs, he lost his house, and his marriage ultimately failed. But he never complained or asked anyone for sympathy. And he never pretended to be someone he wasn't. As he liked to say, "I am who I am, I don't know how to be anyone else."

We in The Vortexx will all miss Jason not only because he was a good friend, but also because he was part of our family. He was a good man. He was a kind man. He was a decent man. And he will be missed. We will be airing tributes to Jason in The Vortexx each night this week, so feel free to come by and pay your respects. You can find us at and Rest in peace, Jason "Egg" Brown.

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