Memory: The Origins of Alien

We’ve all seen the Alien movies and we either love them and want more, more, more or are sick to death of the franchise altogether. If you fit into the later category then this won’t be for you, on all accounts this is for the die hard fans that can’t get enough.

The documentary directed by Alexandre O. Philippe is an attempt to delve deeper into The origin behind Ridley Scott’s iconic aliens. The Xenomorph’s origin will be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Greek Mythology, underground comic books and the imagination of Dan O’Bannon and H.R. Giger.

The initial reviews coming from Sundance film festival are somewhat vague, but all seem to agree there isn’t much new information. The film looks great and is a lot of fun, but nothing really new to present.

No official release date yet other than coming soon in 2019

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