Monster at the Movies: Teacher Shortage 2020

Teacher Shortage is a 2020 slasher film written and directed by Troy Escamilla. It stars Brinke Stevens, Debra Lamb, Julie Anne Prescott, Tamara Glynn, Mel Heflin, Kaylee Williams, Roger Conners, Samantha Marie, David E. McMahon, Chris Jehnert, Joe Grisaffi, Maye Harris, Dan Braverman, Shelynn Mayes, Michael Tula, Ashley La Porte, and Dave McClain.

Someone at Prescott High School is killing education, one teacher at a time. This was a glorious throwback to the iconic Italian slasher and giallo films from the 80s. While there are some obvious issues with the sound quality and delivery of dialogue, the practical gore was absolutely phenomenal. The acting felt a bit forced and there didn’t appear to be much chemistry with the cast, aside from a few performances. However, it possesses some of the best kills scenes I’ve seen in a very long time. The special effects are absolutely electrifying and definitely something to behold. The set dressing was a little bland and there were some frames where the camera angles didn’t seem to fit the flow and direction of the film. Also, the story and excitement factor could have benefited from stronger and more defined characters. It was still enjoyable and tons of fun regardless, it’s just that in a slasher film you always want someone to root for who will thwart the killer and survive, and you never really seem to get that in this film. It’s visually striking with some truly spectacular cinematography, however, what makes it stand out is the gruesome brutality of the deaths. The violence is extremely vicious and totally unexpected. Throw in some fantastic Argentoesque lighting and an outstanding score, and you have the perfect ingredients for one hilariously horrific time. Teacher Shortage is a badass slasher classic. It’s vile, wicked and incredibly unnerving, with a surprise ending that you’ll never see coming. It’s shocking, unsettling, and overall entertaining as hell. Learning can be killer.

Posted by Donovan Smith

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