Monster Reviews: Critters 2 – Easter Special

When it comes to horror films, nothing quite says Easter like the 1988 sequel, Critters 2. It’s not only a day spent celebrating a creepy giant bunny that lays eggs or the birth of the first zombie, but it’s also a day that represents the genres first legit horror film set on the holiday. However, this is no traditional Easter feast.

When you thought they were dead, the critters are back and hungry for more. It’s been two years since the original events that rocked the small farming town, and the bounty hunters have once again returned to wreak havoc on the critter population. The gun-wielding shapeshifters are on a special intergalactic mission to eradicate the species, and in their own words, “Kill Crites.”

The legendary Mick Garris directs critters 2. The film stars Scott Grimes, Liane Curtis, Terrence Mann, Don Keith Opper, Tom Hodges, Lindsay Parker, Herta Ware, Sam Anderson, Lin Shaye, Roxanne Kernohan, Randy Spears, Barry Corbin, Douglas Rowe, and Cynthia Garris. Mysterious eggs are placed throughout Grover’s Bend as part of towns Annual Easter Egg Hunt, but these eggs come with a hungry price.

With a legendary director and a killer cast, it’s no wonder Critters 2 outperforms the original.In terms of campiness, cool characters, practical effects and arguably the nastiest and toughest creatures to defeat in the horror universe, there’s just no match for the terrifying race of space aliens with insatiable appetites. The kill count outnumbers the original, and the gore is insane. There are some genuinely gorgeous practical effects and some breathtaking scenes involving mangled bodies and torn limbs.

What people don’t realize about the Critters is that in the original there were only eight total Crites,  In the opening sequence from the 1986 cult classic, they say that the Critters have escaped, all 8 of them, and they’ve stolen a spaceship. In part 2 there are hundreds of them and the vermin have continued to multiply, showing no signs of slowing down – as we’ve seen with the latest 2019 Shudder series titled, Critters: A New Binge.

When it comes to monsters, mutants, and boogeymen in horror, the Critters are pretty much at the top of the food chain. I mean it takes intergalactic bounty hunters to track, capture and kill the things after all. They are no slouch and not something you’d never want to ever come across in the dark room. They kill and consume with no impulse control whatsoever. All they do is eat.

Critters 2 is an Easter film you won’t soon forget. It’s full of laughs, gasps and tons of blood. It’s fun, entertaining and downright scary. There’s nothing as mean, ugly or hungry, as the disgusting space raccoons. Not to mention it has one of the catchiest jingles out there.

So, if you’re searching for a film to watch with the family for Easter, this is not it. However, if you’re in the mood for something strange and horrific to help you celebrate, look no further. Critters 2 is the perfect holiday film.

“Pat your tummy and smack your lips, suck for hours on your fingertips. At the Hungry Heifer, we won’t give you a bum steer.”

“And don’t you forget, all of your friendly Hungry Heifer restaurants throughout the Midwest are open on Easter Sunday.”

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