Monster Villains: Dr. Death – Child’s Play 1988

When it comes to the horror genre, there are countless evil characters that go unnoticed and never get their full due. As a personal fan and an advocate of the so-called “bad guys,” I felt it was necessary to single out those who are truly worthy and highlight them in my new monthly segment.

In Monster Villains we are going to pick out and pay tribute to a new character every month, breaking down and discussing their individual levels of evil. We are going to talk about what constitutes true evil and why certain characters are more nefarious than others. We are going to cover a wide variety of topics and delve into each personality, in search of their true nature.

There are so many deserving evil figures and monsters to choose from – some more warranted than others. I will be dissecting some the most despicable and vile characters worthy of recognition, and explaining why some that are considered good guys, can also be villains, and vice versa. So, hold on tight and enjoy the ride as we explore some of the genres most interesting and virtually unknown characters.

To kick off our very first edition, I thought we would tackle a villain from the film who personifies everything the word evil has to offer. You might not remember him, but you will know his work. This character is one who is never been held responsible for what he is done and is one of the evilest and vile characters to exist. He has earned his rightful slot in the spotlight.

John Aelsop Bishop, better known as Dr. Death from the original 1987 classic Child’s Play, is responsible for the creation of one of the genres most infamous and iconic slashers. Had it not been for his actions, there would be no serial killer doll – no Chucky. Charles Lee Ray’s murderous region would have died when his human body did, and not have been transferred into the Good Guy doll.

Dr. Death is a forgotten character in horror. However, without him, the infamous serial killer The Lakeshore Strangler would never have been able to do what he did. Instead, Charles Lee Ray would have simply died from the gunshot wound he sustained during his original pursuit. Yet, thanks to Dr. Death, he was able to transfer his soul into the doll and since has continued his dastardly killing spree as Chucky.

Dr. Death did refuse to help Charles escape the doll in the original film, granted it was at his own peril. He is remorseful after learning of Charles’s actions, and is extremely regretful he ever taught the killer the voodoo ritual, to begin with. But that does not mean Dr. Death is any less evil because he was sorry for what he did, nor because he died at the hands of the killer doll. No, he is no less evil due to his remorse or regret. The fact that he was performing voodoo rituals and spells and practicing the dark arts in the first place, makes him actually more evil if you think about it. I mean, Bishop knew who Charles Lee Ray was when he started teaching him and did not care. He continued to teach his student anyway.

You see, we were not privy to the relationship shared between the two men before things ended up the way they did. We were only able to see the ending of the friendship when Chucky the doll kills John Bishop. We did not get to see the master at work, teaching the student. Therefore, we do not truly know his level of evil – beyond what we have seen in their brief interaction. However, we do know that Dr. Death had no good intentions, to begin with.

It has a known fact that voodoo has a bad connotation and is not all bad or evil. Although, with a name like Dr. Death, it has no surprise that John Bishop was up to no good. He was indeed evil. He was consorting with a serial killer and practicing voodoo, therefore he is guilty by association. However, you look at it, the simple facts are still. John Bishop, aka Dr. Death, was a practitioner of voodoo. He taught serial killer Charles Lee Ray how to perform the ritual of transferring his soul into something or someone. Therefore, he is personally responsible for the birth of the killer doll Chucky. He inadvertently caused the ripple that has still to this day, yet to fade out.

So, for the hardcore fans out there, all hail Dr. Death. He is one wicked character and a forgotten and unrecognized villain. I am happy he did what he did because Chucky has always been a personal favorite of mine. I am excited to see what the Legend Don Mancini’s new show has to offer. Oh, and do not get me started on the current rip off about to drop. Without Mancini, there would be no Dr. Death.

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